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  1. What kind of duck?

    I saw this one in Olympia, WA in late October 2017.
  2. What kind of duck?

    This large flock is mostly American Wigeons. This was photographed today on Capital Lake in Olympia, Washington. Can't see the face, but the head is obviously red, black tail feathers, and white/gray back. I first considered Eurasian Wigeon, but the back and sides seem lighter than expected. What do you think?
  3. I've never seen a Mallard with a blue bill. Is this a hybrid?
  4. Golden?

    I agree. Where did you see it?
  5. What kind of bird?

    I have 2 for dusky and 2 for peewee...does this picture help with a more definitive identification? Sorry about the picture quality...it was sunset and horribly backlit. Thanks for the help!
  6. What kind of bird?

    I figured it was either a Dusky Flycatcher or Western Wood-Peewee but I too find them difficult to distinguish. How do you tell the difference?
  7. What kind of bird?

    I found this bird in Hoquiam, Washington flycatching at sunset yesterday.
  8. What kind of bird?

    Found in Pierce County in Washington State in a suburban mixed wooded/field area.
  9. What kind of duck?

    Is this a Hybrid Eurasian X American Wigeon?
  10. What kind of sandpipers are these? Found in Hoquiam, Washington on the Pacific Coast yesterday.
  11. Can you tell if this an American Goldfinch or Lesser Goldfinch?
  12. What kind of duck?

    This was found in Pierce County in Washington state. The feet are dark brown. The tail is short and flat like a merganser. The hidden parts of the body are all the same chestnut undercarriage and chocolate brown upper parts. The wing bars look like maybe green and peach, but too hidden to see.
  13. I took this picture in Washington State in Kent on the Green River Trail. The cheeks, chin, neck, breast, belly are all pale - more buff than white. The rump looks white.
  14. What kind of gull?

    Yes, it looked more like the Western Gull on this website. The feathers had a plain pattern though...the bill looks closer to the Western Gull than the others, but it was all black. What an interesting coincidence that I received a reply from someone in the same state lol It looks like you travel all over Washington looking for birds like me What are some of your favorite places? Where do you see the most variety? How about this time of year?
  15. What kind of gull?

    Yes, the picture was taken inland from the coast by about 150 miles but along the bay (in Washington State at the Nisqually wildlife refuge off South Puget Sound). Does that still seem like a Western Gull? We have so many gulls it's hard to distinguish heh heh