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  1. David Case


    What is the call of the so-called Philosopher Crow? "qua" qua caw!
  2. David Case

    Which Gull?

    Thanks to you both.
  3. David Case

    Which Gull?

    I don't see Western here much and that reminds me that I forgot to give the specifics - photo taken 12/4/2017 at Alton Baker Park, Eugene OR - about 60 miles inland. I get what you are saying about the tail. The back and tail markings seemed bold to me as well, at least compared to the illustrations I have.
  4. David Case

    Which Gull?

    I am bad at gulls and I suspect it may always be so, but perhaps I can get at least a little better. Glaucous-winged or Olympic Gull? Thanks, as always.
  5. Okay, I know these are not bird shots, but how many total eclipse does one get to see in a lifetime, and this one was practically in my backyard? Well, some sixty miles north of my backyard, but that's what back roads are for, beating eclipse traffic. These were taken along Ankeny Hill Road, south of Salem, Oregon, a location that was dead center in the path of totality. I did not have filters for my camera so I could not take any shots before or after totality which means these three at totality were all I got. The rest of the time I just enjoyed the view through my eclipse glasses while visiting with my eclipse viewing neighbors. 10:17:56 - very near peak totality 10:18:18 - totality was beginning to wane 10:18:22 - totality was nearly over, the first rays of the sun are beginning to peak through at about 1:00 o'clock
  6. David Case

    Shorebird ID needed

    Thank you, psweet.
  7. David Case

    Shorebird ID needed

    Interesting. When do Dunlin begin to lose their black breeding belly plumage?
  8. David Case

    Shorebird ID needed

    Both shots are of the same bird and taken 7/18/2017 at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Eugene OR. Possibly a Western Sandpiper? The bill looks right although a bit long. The legs are dark but also long. What say you good folks? shot 1 shot 2 Thanks as always.
  9. David Case

    Two Gulls to ID

    Thanks guys.
  10. David Case

    Two Gulls to ID

    Ouch, I am really bad at gulls and would appreciate some help. Both shots were taken 7/19/2017 at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Eugene OR. Gull 1 - perhaps a Ring-billed? Gull 2 - looks like a first or second cycle bird Thank you!
  11. David Case

    Two Shorebird Confirms

    Okay, muchos gracias.
  12. David Case

    Two Shorebird Confirms

    Both taken 7/19/2017, Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Eugene OR Sorry for the poor photo quality due to strong backlighting. Semipalmated Plover Wilson's Phalarope Thanks again!
  13. David Case

    Four Savannah Sparrows?

    Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks.
  14. David Case

    Too Cute...Babies!

    Common Merganser chicks competing for a ride on Momma's back.
  15. All four taken 7/19/2017, Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Eugene OR Sparrow 1 Sparrow 2 Sparrow 3 Sparrow 4 Thanks!