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  1. We had a polar cold front move in today (January 3), with 20-30mph winds, bringing a flock of swallows to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in south Florida. I think these were Northern Rough-winged Swallows but only caught these two photos in focus: Flicker - Swallow From Above Flickr - Swallow from below
  2. Central Florida October - Song Sparrow?

    Wow - it is a perfect match visually. The allaboutbirds.org map does not show them wandering into Florida. I wonder if Hurricane Nate blew them off-course. Thanks.
  3. Yellow Bird in Brush

    Male, correct?
  4. These are from Joe Overstreet park in Central Florida - October 11, 2017 No reported song sparrow there in ebird. Flickr - Sharp profile Flickr - Blurry Face shot
  5. ebird says Cape May Warbler is a rarity for Florida in February - This looks to me to be a male Cape May Warbler starting to show breeding colors? Cape May Warbler?
  6. Confusing me - Juvenile Yellow Throated Vireo, or Pine Warbler, or I haven't really got a clue. November at Circle B Bar in Central Florida. Flicker - Shot 1 Flicker - Shot 2
  7. I captured these swarming brown birds at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray, Florida, May 27th. I would guess immature "european" starling, but I am a newbie... https://flic.kr/p/Hsp3ky https://flic.kr/p/GFocGT
  8. Killdeer - nervous foot or a reason?

    Thanks. I found two papers on this Foot Trembling - the first 1929 and more recent 2009 (http://ref.scielo.org/82zz77) but could not find an explanation of the mechanism in use, only observation of the behavior. Regards, Alan McDonley
  9. Killdeer - nervous foot or a reason?

    The fact that the bird seems to always grab a bug from under the mud makes me think the shaking is either shock wave location, or stimulating any bugs in the mud to move away from the vibration, so that the killdeer can hear the movement and grab the bug. A video of a fox hearing small animals under a blanket of snow comes to mind, but also echo location mechanism of a bat which supposedly allows bats to locate flying bugs. This fella was hunting, I'm pretty sure. Alan
  10. I finally got to see a killdeer up close today. It was solitary and seemed a bit smaller my memory of my first sighting two years ago. This bird was standing in a half inch of mud, and would put one foot on the surface of the mud and shake like a nervous twitch. Is this just nerves, wanting to be ready to run away, or some other purpose? It used either foot to stand, and the other foot to twitch. https://flic.kr/p/G2Qdu1 Alan
  11. Ebird shows zero reported american robin for my area - South East Florida in the current year, April. Flock flew fast, around dusk. Please help with ID: https://flic.kr/p/GjZhQs Thanks
  12. Really need help with this - my first up close encounter with a hawk and it looks like the juvi photo of every hawk on allaboutbirds.org. If you know, please tell me what made the ID. https://flic.kr/p/ynKakK
  13. Florida: Sparrow - Song, Swamp, House?

    That is totally believable. There were a million males squawking and fluffing their fiery red shoulder patches. Thank you both. Really great that you all take the time to solve these "unsolvable by one's self" mysteries.
  14. I checked ebird sightings for this month for Green Cay Wetlands and only found one person reporting sparrows of any kind - 3 House Sparrow. One person reported 1 Swamp Sparrow at the wetland a few miles away. The red on this bird makes me think this could be a swamp sparrow, but the picture matches so much with the first allaboutbirds song sparrow (eastern form) that I can't be sure what to declare I saw. Very hard to tell what it is with-in the 39kb limit, so please look on my Flickr page: https://flic.kr/p/rpWfc1 So Song___ Swamp_____ House_____ ? (or something else?)