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  1. Raptor ID

    Definitely a Northern Harrier !!
  2. Bronzed Cowbird

    I think this a European starling
  3. 2 Eiders - King and ?

    why not a male and female King Eider pair?
  4. Hawk ID help

    how about a young Northern Goshawk?
  5. what cowbird?

    all brown-headed cowbirds (males and females) with red-winged blackbirds.....
  6. Mystery Sparrows, ID/Confirm, other stuff

    Photo #4 is a Northern Harrier
  7. Which hawk?

    what about that V pattern of the shoulders? Isn't that a red-tailed juvenile marking?
  8. Help with two little birds

    blue grosbeak and blue bunting in that order
  9. Another unidentified bird

    possibly young blue grosbeak
  10. Cooper's hawk?

    looks like a red-shoulder hawk
  11. Is this a Juvenile Goshawk?

    probably a Cooper's juvenile
  12. Canada Goose X ? Hybrid?, Ducks, Accipiter

    last photos are of a Merlin
  13. Hawk

    Looks more like a young Cooper's Hawk
  14. Falcon

    Has that Northern Harrier feel to me
  15. Two Wrens

    leaning towards Carolina Wren in first photo