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  1. A yellow Purple Finch?

    why not a House Finch with that curved culmen?
  2. blur-bird

    Western Meadowlark
  3. raptors sparrows swifts & mammals

    raptor is a Northern Harrier with the white rump area
  4. Need help Identifying this bird

    Lesser Goldfinch
  5. Confirm House Finch

    this bird has no streaked flanks and has a notched tail.... Purple Finch is my opinion
  6. TN duck ID help please

    I'm thinking Redhead
  7. Which Kingbird?

    thanx for your input
  8. Which Kingbird?

    Thick-billed Kingbird is my choice
  9. Caspian Tern and Royal Terns? Los Angeles area

    all have thick orange bills.....all Royal Terns
  10. Rusty or Brewers?

    Rusty Blackbirds
  11. Bird in flight

    am I seeing a flamingo bill?
  12. Black-crowned? Yellow-crowned

    I think they are both black-crowned Night Heron juveniles.
  13. Hawk ID

    either a Coopers or Sharp-shinned hawk.Need better pictures.
  14. South TX: Cooper's Hawk?

    Great shots!
  15. Small ducks

    Norther Pintail is a very good possibility