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  1. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I know a person who lives in a neighbourhood that hands out jello shooters, vodka gummy worms and adult brownies
  2. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Thing is, I don't need to go into the States to see those. I can just drive up to Algonquin to get all those (except the Owls) in the winter. And in irruption years we can get those Owls pretty far south. Heck, it's possible for a few to wander down even in non-irruption years.
  3. Ebird Unusual Checklists/Hotspots

    They generally do it for birds that are flagged as rare due to being late, in my experience here at least.
  4. Explored Photos

    Lol I didn't even notice that I mistyped it like that
  5. Explored Photos

    This one got explored today:
  6. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    With flycatchers you kinda just gotta go for them the day they're found cuz it's unlikely they'll be there the next day. I learned my lesson after the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. I was also done with missing birds in Toronto.
  7. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Got this today, in Ontario! Ontario bird 304 Fork-tailed Flycatcher by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Fork-tailed Flycatcher 2 by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr
  8. Jaeger

    It'd be better to put down as Pomarine/Parasitic Jaeger. More specific
  9. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Hehe, perks of having your license. I I totally get that though. The number of rarities I've missed because I didn't have my license is too many. I regret not asking friends to carpool sooner, as I've no birder has ever said no if I've asked.
  10. Jaeger

    My friend says it's most likely a Parasitic, though hard to see anything in the photo quality to confidently eliminate Pomarine.
  11. Ebird Unusual Checklists/Hotspots

    An accidental picture switch maybe?
  12. Jaeger

    This bird should most definitely be able to be ID'd by experienced people. I don't have the experience to call it any one for sure (I still struggle with ID in the field, having only a few days experience with Jaeger watching) but I know some experienced people that I will send this to.
  13. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Saw that, wish he'd reported it that day cuz then I prolly would've gone for it with a friend i went birding with on Tuesday instead of doing some mediochre birding nearby lol. Anyway, haven't been on here in awhile! Moved in Guelph residence for university last Friday, and just had my first class finish 30 minutes ago.