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  1. It's accessible to volunteers, and I'm currently stationed at the place it was found. I co-found it with the BIC during census
  2. Ontario lifer 275 or 276 depending on if I count the Fish Crow I'm pretty sure about (long story, I'll get to that once I post photos when I'm back in service with a computer)
  3. So I guess no one has clicked on the link I posted... Well it's about a Cassin's Sparrow that I co-found with the BIC during census yesterday. For a photo by me click the link
  4. Aw yeah
  5. I did tell you to update on Sunday.
  6. I did tell you to update on Sunday.
  7. ABA yearlist competition 1. Maxkewl- 285 2. Jack- 259 3. Crazed- 216 4. Green magpie- 214 5. Fancy- 162 6. DavidT- 150 7. AlexB- 127 8. Paramo- 123 9. Mel- 122 10. Matth- 122 11. Spirit of BC- 121 12. SC- 119 13. Ruby- 117 14. SEOW- 111 15. Kadynn- 110 16. Isabel- 108 17. Con- 90 18. IBH- 66 19. Colorado Owl- 58 Not subject to update.
  8. Late report, as it's not there anymore, but there was a Yellow-billed Loon in Newfoundland on the 13th (and stayed for a few days)!
  9. Geez... Well I hope she's alright! Haha I like how there's only one other person that's birded there besides you
  10. ABA yearlist updates. I'm at long point, at the breakwater station right now, but I should hopefully get the update up this week.
  11. Oh my god, that really sucks. How's your brother's friend doing?
  12. Is there any way that isn't as tedious?
  13. Interesting, they usually accept people who will be too old in the next year.
  14. How do you check?
  15. Why? You'll be too old?