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  1. It was nice to finally getting to go for some of the Dickcissels' that's been showing up in southern Ontario this summer. Elisa came to Ontario before the YBE and I showed her Carden Alvar and we still had plenty of time after we finished Carden before we had to be somewhere else, so we decided to go for the pair at Fowler's Corner. Dickcissel 1 by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Dickcissel by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr
  2. ABA Yearlist updates please.
  3. Then why even include details lol. Also this is a weird description altogether. He's more so describing why it couldn't be anything else than why it's a Whooping Crane lol
  4. I went for the Magnificent Frigatebird at Pelee on Friday with a friend! Fun day all around, and was successful, making it lifer 298 for Ontario. Soon before we were starting to leave it started drooping its head down often, making it look unhealthy.
  5. So a Frigatebird flew past Pelee wings nature store at 2:30pm today, flying south. And I was literally joking around so much with friends about one showing up cuz all of them flying past Miami. Unfortunately likely not chaseable.
  6. That's a Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, right. And sounds like you enjoyed Arizona. Sorry to hear about your wife though!
  7. Why are you helping a Starling lol
  8. I know lol, but you specified county so I kinda just assumed it was just county cuz that's more specific lol.
  9. You had LAGU for ON already?
  10. Finally caught up to one of these after missing multiple individuals. Laughing Gull at Ashbridge's Bag yesterday evening; Ontario bird 298!
  11. Well it's back, but I'm busy Sunday and my friend is driving up on Friday. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be back by Sunday at noon so its not gonna work. Pretty frustrated
  12. Guys ugh the TRESxVGSW nest was predated on by a red squirrel yesterday morning. it was too early on for there to be chicks but there could've been eggs. They may try to nest again (hopefully) but obvi not in the same box. They're gonna try to put up a new nest box today. Others from southern Ontario are going/there already but I haven't heard if they've seen it yet. My friend and I were planning on going sometime this week.
  13. There's a Violet-green Swallow up in Thunder Bay (found yesterday). I found someone that might be going on the weekend, I think it just depends if it stays. If it really is nesting it'll make for an easy chase and will stay all summer.
  14. Wow that's a long time to be on one island.
  15. Ah ok, how long are you there for?