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  1. HawkyGal

    What kind of bird is this?

    Agreed on the Great Blue Heron. Really nice picture, love the composition
  2. HawkyGal

    Help ID please - Scaup?

    Agree it looks like a overall round apperance in the head shape which would be a Greater, (a lesser should have more of a peaked crown).
  3. HawkyGal

    Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    I totally understand your point, the issue is there are API's that make it efficient and super easy to grab photos from the 3rd party sites listed above. The people who would take the photos at those sites are different in concept from here. The reason being if they want to steal photos from here they have to go post by post find them click download etc. That is all unneeded on flickr etc as the API can do it all automatically without any hassle. Hence photos are regularly pulled from those site as opposed to forums where it is more work. (you can read through articles at http://www.photoattorney.com/ if you are interested in learning about the issue in more specifics). I'm not intending in any way to be critical of this forum, on the contrary i'm very greatful to it. I was just trying to explain why for me personally i just am not okay with using the suggested sites. And that is on me, i totally get it and am not asking anyone else to feel the same way
  4. Bumping for one last look, any hummingbird experts out there? Are these R2's notched enough or un-notched enough to make a call one way or another? Thanks for looking
  5. HawkyGal

    Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    thank you very much for your reply. i was able to use attachement for a few years because i use pro software that optimised my photos, which in turn kept the file size unusually small allowing me to keep posting without running out of space until now. No i am unable to use the above mentioned sites, i looked into them and unfortunately they all have huge issues with control of original ownership and copyright enforcement. Even though the id photos i post are generally the worst photos i have i'm a big copyright person and have followed alot of the legal issues that have been going on with the various photo hosting sites, for example toyota used many photos on flikr that were marked as copyrighted for there marketing which is against the fact that they were posted copyrighted etc, but that really didn't protect the photographers from people using an api to lift there work and profit from it and stuff like that. It's just a big box of trouble i have no interest in messing with. Though i think i will still keep around here to watch what others post and stuff even if i can't figure out a way to get around the limit that works for me And again thank you all who helped me try to figure this out
  6. HawkyGal

    Great Egret Confirmation

    nice shot!
  7. There was rufus on the body as well as the topside of the tail. And the gorget area had a rather large small patch of iridensence in the center of the streaked throat. Like i would expect to find on a rufous or allen's female. I thought i saw a notch in the R2 of the above photo and that's why i was wondering if it could be determined between the two, but i wasn't sure. Both are seen around here and frequently reported as allen's/rufus when it can't be determined, i was just sort of hopeing someone else might be able to tell for sure if that was the type of notch i would see or just feather wear. Sorry i didn't post a better photo, i would have if i had known i only had space for one left. Also Calliope and Broad-tailed are pretty uncommon for my area though i would be thrilled to see one Thank you for your help regarding suggesting site to try, i have never heard of inaturalist and will take a look when i get some free time
  8. HawkyGal

    Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Hmm, i must have done something incorrectly then as i tried that on a post that wouldn't have changed a whole lot without the photo and it didn't free up any available space, it still listed the photo in the attachments as well. At any rate i really appriciate the info you gave and that was posted in the original faq. However if i can't figure out a way to use the attachements i think i will move on to another forum for id help. I need to be able to figure out the birds easily and that particular feature for me is essential. Though i will miss coming here. My thanks to all who helped me here the last few years
  9. HawkyGal

    Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Thank you i appriciate the info Is there a way to delete prior attachements? Such as double uploads etc?
  10. HawkyGal

    Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Thank you for the very helpful FAQ. However i still have a question, have they resolved the issue of limitation on attachement memory? I have used all of mine that i had available to me and now seem to have no way to delete the old to make way for new. I know it was mentioned earlier that this restriction might be changed so i was wondering of the status on that? I am not going to be using a third party image host due to there tos and privacy rules being to much in favor of them over the original copyright owner, so attachements were my only available option. that's why its such a big deal for me.
  11. I do have photos showing the rufus coloring but the forum won't allow me to attach them apparently i have "used up" any available attachement memory. Shrugs. I looked at the faq and it says not to delete my photos from prior threads so i have no way to attach new ones. I will not use third party photo hosting sites do to there privacy and copyright terms, most of them in there tou state that they own the right to use your photos forever, and for anything, now granted these are some of my worst photos but still i just don't join those sites. which leaves me no way to post the photos here
  12. Can it be determined if this is a female allen's or rufous from this photo? Seen this past weekend in Orange County, California. Thanks
  13. HawkyGal

    small bird - orange county Ca

    Thanks! That's totally what i saw. It's a new bird for me, we have LOTS of nutmeg mannikins locally so i wasn't getting my hopes up as to it being something else. Glad to find out i was wrong Thanks for the help!
  14. Seen in Orange County California this past weekend. Only saw it for a couple seconds and it flew off. The beak looks like a nutmeg manikin to me, but there is none of the usual black and white scaling. Also the long tail with white spots looks different than any manikins i've seen before and the head appeared quite dark so i didn't think it could be a female manikin.... Do they cross bread with any other species?
  15. HawkyGal

    Help with a Peep

    Thanks that was fast, how did you make the determination? I was thinking the legs looked a little yellowish but i couldn't be sure. And i wasn't sure what else to look at.