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  1. Wren ID help please

    Thanks psweet see my comment right above. Pretty sure it's a Sedge Wren. Life bird! WooHoo! Thanks so much.
  2. Wren ID help please

    I think your 100% correct, IvoryBillHope .. I did an eBird search for last April, and so far this month, and sure enough ... the only Wrens posted were Sedge Wren! How'd you get so smart so young! It's a life bird for me and I thank yuo.
  3. Wren ID help please

    Really? I thought maybe Swamp Wren or a Marsh Wren or a Winter Wren? You're sure?
  4. Wren ID help please

    Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive, Central Florida, USA back on April 2, 2017 past the crazy U. Of late, I've tried hard not to edit in any way, but this one is a little as it wasn't in good focus. I hope it's okay. For WhatBird.com ID please by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  5. Warbler ID help please

    Found this one from 2016. So it was only the second time I've ever seen one and first time in my yard! Thanks again! Orange-crowned Warbler by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  6. Warbler ID help please

    Ooopspssss .... I didn't say thank you guys ... I really appreciate it. God bless you for helping me as always!
  7. Warbler ID help please

    I could, I could see that precious little spot on it's head! But I just couldn't believe it! I have to go back and check my records, but that might be a life bird! Or maybe I saw one other with awful photos. OH MY GOODNESS! I was too afraid to guess! Thanks soooooooooooooooo much for helping this sick old lady with another life bird in my front yard! WooHoo, thank you, Jesus!
  8. Warbler ID help please

    Central Florida March 2018 in my front yard. A collage of one bird, seven shots. Thanks so much. WhatBird.com ID help please by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  9. Warbler ID help please Central Florida

    I was hoping for someone to decide if it was a male. Meaning two birds. Thanks so very much.
  10. Warbler ID help again please Central Florida

    Thanks BigOly. I was pretty sure it was a Palm Warbler, but the coloring through me a bit. And the little chin patch too. Anyway, thanks. You should see the other Palm Warbler I posted ... tremendous breeding plumage. It was an incredible experience in the sprinklers in my front yard. Thanks again.
  11. From February 2018. Central Florida ORLANDO. I think it's a Palm Warbler, but the coloring and the yellow chin confusing me some. WhatBird.com ID help please by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  12. From February 2018 and a mini fallout in my sprinklers in my front yard. Central Florida, ORLANDO, February 2018. I previously reported and was confirmed a female Black-throated Green Warbler ... and I'm not sure if this is the same bird. I thought maybe this was a male? Anyway, if this is a duplicate, please forgive me. For WhatBird.com ID please! by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  13. Another Warbler from the mini fall out

    Oopppsss ... I replace the original photo with my edited version. And it disappeared from the thread. Black-throated Green Warbler female by Nancy Smith, on Flickr
  14. Another Warbler from the mini fall out

    Oh MY Goodness! Who cries over a life bird! Wow, thanks MerMaeve. What a wonderful bird to land in my yard. WooHoo, thank you, Jesus!
  15. Another Warbler from the mini fall out

    OH! MY! GOODNESS! This old lady is actually crying with this great life bird ... and in my front yard! I've been too sick to go many places lately ... and they all just fell out of the sky right into my front yard to play in the sprinklers. I NEW IT! WooHoo thank you, Jesus! Thanks so my IvoryBillHope!