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  1. Which Hawk?

    Found this one in Virginia Beach this morning and it looked a little off for the regulars... perhaps just a lighter morph of a Red-tailed. Also, the banding in the tail feathers could be shadows from the tree--not 100% sure. 1. _V9A7915 by mike, on Flickr 2. _V9A7917 by mike, on Flickr Thanks!
  2. Short vs Long-billed Dowitcher?

    Update... I got back to the same location and found three Dowitchers (most likely the same three). While there, a Cooper's Hawk cruised in and flushed the birds and they gave a call that seems to fit the Short-billed best. Again, thanks for all the feedback.
  3. Pictures taken this morning in Newport News, VA _V9A6896 (1) by mike, on Flickr Any help would be appreciated.
  4. This bird is from yesterday in Virginia Beach, VA. It's in the same place that some Brewer's wintered last year and were located again two days ago by a very reputable birder. While the photo is about as awful as it gets, it does show us that bright eye and the bill shape. IMO, the small bill rules out the Common Grackle but would like confirmation from others before counting this bird (seen them before in San Francisco but this would be my first for the state). _V9A6844 by mike, on FlickrAny help would be appreciated. Thank you for any and all help.
  5. Short vs Long-billed Dowitcher?

    I appreciate the feedback on these birds... here's a couple more shots including a third bird _V9A6856 by mike, on Flickr _V9A6888 by mike, on Flickr _V9A6891 by mike, on Flickr
  6. Short vs Long-billed Dowitcher?

    Are there any particular field marks that lead you to that?
  7. Brewer's Blackbird?

    I definitely agree that Rusties are more common here, however, I feel that I eliminated them with good views with binoculars--I should've included that in the original post.
  8. All different individuals found in Virginia Beach this past week. 1. _V9A2815 by mike, on Flickr 2. _V9A2800 by mike, on Flickr 3. _V9A2813 by mike, on Flickr 4. _V9A2744 by mike, on Flickr 5. _V9A2788 by mike, on Flickr 6. _V9A2738 by mike, on Flickr 7. _V9A2742 by mike, on Flickr 8. _V9A2733 by mike, on Flickr 9. _V9A2723 by mike, on Flickr Thanks for any possible help!
  9. Nelson's vs Saltmarsh Sparrows

    I appreciate the followup and for the description--it was that second bird that I was thinking was a possible Saltmarsh. Give me fall warblers any day over these two Sparrows! Again, thank you.
  10. Nelson's vs Saltmarsh Sparrows

    one last bump to see if anyone else would like to add their two cents
  11. Nelson's vs Saltmarsh Sparrows

    Thank you... they were pretty cooperative little guys
  12. Nelson's vs Saltmarsh Sparrows

    Thanks... the location where these were found have had several reputable birders reporting both species with the Saltmarsh Sparrows listed much more often and with higher counts. Also, every picture I've posted here thus far has been identified as a Saltmarsh... even though I thought a few were Nelson's. Appreciate the feedback!
  13. Nelson's vs Saltmarsh Sparrows

    a bump for the night crew also, I don't need all to be identified... specifically looking to see if both species are present to make an accurate ebird report.
  14. First bird was found in Virginia Beach, VA in September 2016--immature Saltmarsh Sparrow? IMG_3994 by mike, on Flickr Second bird was found in Hampton, VA within a few days of the prior pic. Nelson's Sparrow? IMG_4199 by mike, on Flickr Third bird was from October 2014 in Virginia Beach, VA--another Nelson's? IMG_8675 by mike, on Flickr Thanks for any help!
  15. Sparrow Help please

    Figured I'd give this one a bump for that second bird and any other feedback... thanks
  16. I feel like this is a Pewee but struck me as a little different for some reason. _V9A2222 by mike, on Flickr Thanks
  17. Any ideas?

    just beat me to it!
  18. Any ideas?

    From your recollection... did the bird have any wing bars? I can't tell if it's the lighting or if that's a touch of white from the wing bars on the bird's left side (right on the photo) that is showing. If so, I'd switch to a first year Magnolia. They can lack the streaking that we come to expect.
  19. summer tanager, female?

    Scarlet I believe... dark wings and yellow bill are why I'm choosing this over the Summer
  20. Any ideas?

    I don't think this will remain "unknown"... you have a nice shot that somebody will likely give you a positive ID on. My hesitation is whether that was a complete eye ring or not--could just be the angle which is why I was looking for another shot and sometimes lighting plays a role both natural and edited.
  21. Any ideas?

    My reflex opinion is Nashville but would also like to see any other photos or field notes that you may want to add.
  22. Warbler ID

    Found this bird in Virginia Beach, VA a couple days ago. _V9A1975 by mike, on Flickr
  23. Warbler ID

    I appreciate the feedback... the more I learn about these birds, the more they confuse me!
  24. Warbler ID

    Not to muddy the water, but I did find a Wilson's within 15 minutes of this bird in the same tree... originally thought it was the same bird but, as GreenJay94 pointed out, I too noticed that eye ring in the photos I was sorting through. Also, I thought a Nashville would have more white showing on its underside. Could this be a young Canada (one was spotted by a reputable birder the following day in the same location) or those the dark underside of the tail feathers rule that out? thanks for the help