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  1. Small water bird with banded beak

    This is a pied bill grebe! fun bird to watch!
  2. Is this even a bird?!

    < Or a bird of prey with a snake? > I was thinking it could be carrying a snake also, I have seen Red-Shouldered hawks with snakes....
  3. Large raptor?

    Hi Cinda, Welcome to WhatBird-if you are referring to the eagle calls you hear on films and commercials-that is actually a Red Tailed hawk call. The eagles call is rather croaky. The website does have sounds for birds, try and listen to the eagle and see if that is what you are hearing. ML
  4. Who am I?

    I agree with Cedar waxwing, they also love berries.
  5. Rough Legged Hawk ?

    Wow! Nice shot, are the rough legged hawks "booted" as in the fancy leggings? I know Ferruginous are-but the light head doesn't look right. Let's wait and see what those that know say!
  6. Bolsa Chica - Hawk

    I agree with Red Tailed hawk, maybe last years model-the tail doesn't seem to have enough red, yet the belly band is pretty pronounced.
  7. Far away shot - Swainson's or Red-tailed?

    I would guess a Red Tail-I think I am seeing a belly band.
  8. Just guessing-but how about a Harris Hawk-they are in your area. ML
  9. Screeching agressive bird in Virginia

    It very well could be a Mockingbird-maybe a photo will help with the ID. Probably has fledglings about and is being protective.
  10. Wonderful photo! Maybe make a poster for the center to cell and make some $$'s! BTW-wouldn't this be a female Kestrel? - or juvie? Edit-I mean "sell" - so I work in a lab environment!
  11. Gray/yellow bird ID (Have Pic. Now)

    I agree that this is a Western Kingbird-I love their sound!
  12. Which Egret?

    I would say a cattle egret, they do get some orange on their head and chest in their breeding plumage. But-it's the short legs that make me say Cattle egret.
  13. Purple or House?

    I agree with Purple, due to the overall red.
  14. Spotted owl??

    I would call this a barred owl. They are the owl most likely seen during the daytime under a canopy of forest.
  15. who hawk?

    Good points! Then I would probably go with a Sharpie.