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  1. There were several photos with this coloring. I searched Streak-backed Orioles and some of the females look like this, somewhat. Fraser
  2. The Orioles in this place were everywhere, with more time, you would have the opportunity to practice the ID skills that I (we) need. I still have one that is as yet unidentified, but it may be a juvie or a female with different plumage. F
  3. This guy was standing like he was the Official Observer of the Humans in the park. The guy was by himself, perhaps waiting for the Parade to start. Fraser
  4. Thanks Helen Bird Song for me is a tough issue, I'm about 70% deaf, but in the frequency range. The hearing that I have is as good if not better than other people, but the high frequencies I do not hear, if speech, I miss the consonant sounds. In birding, sometimes I miss the entire song because it is high frequency. Glad to hear that it is a Clay colored Thrush/Robin. Fraser
  5. Haultuco Mexico, Mar 19, 2014. Clay-colored Thrush is the field ID, Life Bird, need confirmations. I'm not certain that the ID is correct. Fraser
  6. OK Baltimore... Dang. Fraser
  7. Haultuco Mexico, Mar 19, 2014. Groove Billed Ani is the field ID, Life Bird, need confirmations. Fraser
  8. Mexican Wasp

    Hualtuco Mexican Wasp Looks pretty much like the Texas Yellow Jackets that I remember, but posting just for reference, in case it is a different species.  Fraser
  9. Taken in Haultuco Mexico, Mar 19, 2014. This place was Oriole Heaven, and I was not even 1/4 mile from the ship, sitting in a park, with a Cantina, free internet and a cerveza at my beckon. Orchard Oriole is the Field ID, Life Bird, need confirmations Fraser
  10. I don't have any idea about this bird, unless it is a female Oriole or an immature, I do not see this one in my books. Taken in Haultuco Mexico on 19 Mar, 2014. Not good photos, but a dramatic bill and coloration. Fraser
  11. Great... not a Life Bird for me, darn, but I'm looking for the Birds to report, correctly. Fraser
  12. Thanks Helen... very professional Fraser
  13. Black would be normal, but like you say, if it is not an immature Altamira, then what is it? Fraser
  14. Taken in Hualtuco Mexico, Mar 19, 2014 Golden-cheeked Woodpecker is the field ID, Life Bird, need confirmations. the second photo is over exposed to show the black eye ring. Fraser
  15. Taken 19 Mar, 2014 Hualtuco Mexico Altamira Oriole is the field ID, Fraser