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  1. I think Geoff's onto something there. Compare it to something like this
  2. These guys never shut up I bet if you played a recording of a Red-eyed Vireo song you would recognize it right away.
  3. Northwestern Crow I don't use ebird to track my sightings at all, but I submitted a bunch of Northwestern Crow pictures when I read this page saying that they're in high demand for training the Merlin app. These guys are all over the place here, really easy to get good pictures of. But I guess they don't normally get a lot of picture submissions on ebird either because they're not a widespread or not a noteworthy species.
  4. Welcome to WhatBird! I'll second Northern Flicker (looks like a female)
  5. Sparrow

    Thanks all! @HamRHead When I first learned about lifelists I made an immediate connection to the pokedex gadget that you get in pokemon games. I thought it would be fun to get in on this whole playing-pokemon-in-the-real-world thing and have an excuse to go out hiking. This was before pokemon go was a thing. So I built myself a pokedex site using html/css/javascript/php and got into birding. It has a little backend control panel where I can add or update records when I see or photograph new species (or update picture when I manage to capture better ones). Everything goes into a database and the site shows what's in there. The database part is the key to being able to do sorting like searching by type or changing the order. I like this system too because striving to get better pictures or different forms (male, female, immature, pacific, etc) of species I've already seen gives me another way to succeed on days when I don't find any lifers. In summary, here is the about page. I think this all mostly just proves that I am a nerd in more ways than one.
  6. Sparrow

    Learning some new sparrows this week. Which one is this? (Vancouver Island)
  7. flycatcher?

    Makes sense for the location, thanks!
  8. Alcids

    Vancouver Island, BC. Are these far away alcids IDable? My best guess is marbled murrelet. Thanks in advance.
  9. flycatcher?

    Vancouver Island, BC. Any hope IDing this out-of-focus guy? Looks like a flycatcher to me but I'm not sure
  10. Vancouver Island, BC. Least sandpiper, or some other type? I still have very few shorebirds photographed, so it's likely a lifer
  11. Does anyone know if standing on one foot like that is a particular Broad-winged Hawk behaviour? The frirst one I grabbed pictures of was in the same pose as this guy but I haven't seen other hawk species do it.
  12. Good Camera For Beginning Birder?

    I'll agree with that. Starting out, buying a canon sx500 superzoom was what really helped me start to enjoying myself while hiking.
  13. small yellowish bird

    They did specify southern Illinois in the post
  14. Red/brownish bird

    Male House Finch