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  1. Suet blocks

    you can make many variatys of home made you can use any kind of fats shortning or lard or even bacon juices. and in hot weather you can skip the fats that melt and use a mix of peanut butter and corn syrup and mix in mixed bird seed or Hen scratch and most any kind of nuts you can use old cereal or bread crumbs or even cooked rice or wheat or oats in the suet mix you can make up large amounts and keep it in the freezer till you need it another thing is to take pine cones and cover them with the suet mix and hang them from a limb or a hook or drill holes in a branch and stuff the holes with suet mix. and hang the stuffed branch you can make the suet mix thick and doughy and just stuff the mix into a cage or save the plastic trays from the store suet and refill them with your different mixes. if you buy the plastic trays of berrys and save the bottom of the tray to make suet in it
  2. small grey bird

    this is the slate colored junco a male and most often seen in the eastern usa. several things to look for in juncos the light colored bill and white tail feathers
  3. cassins or house finch

    sorry the computer was not running right and was taking forever to bring up a photo
  4. dark day bad picture guessing Cassins finch maybe a house finch
  5. dark day bad picture guessing Cassins finch maybe a house finch
  6. dark day bad picture guessing Cassins finch maybe a house finch
  7. dark day bad picture guessing Cassins finch maybe a house finch ATT00001 (1).htm
  8. Abert's squirrels

    two more abert's squirrels out in the snow taday
  9. robin like bird and a sparrow

    looks like a pink sided junco to me
  10. European Starlings

    i have a dozen or more here most everyday this time of year. they are pigs eating everything and chasing off the smaller birds.they empty a suet block in minutes and scatter the seeds from the feeders
  11. What Lil guy is this? I’m stumped

    mine are reguler visiters to the feeders and also cleanup under the feeders and spend lots of time in and under the oak brush
  12. What birds migrate South in January

    i live in the four corners close to where the states of Colorado Utah New Mexico and Arizona my backyard is right at 7000 foot elevation foothills just below the mountains. my story is just the opposite with only a few light snow storms this winter and no snow left on the ground. it has been in the Teens at night but in the 40's to low 50's daytime. the warmest winter i have ever seen here. there are lots of birds that usually migrate in the fall still here such as blackbirds and robins and the water is not frozen over and a lots more ducks and geese and other waterbirds hanging around and lots of juncos and evening grosbeaks and stellar jays and chickadees and finches and towhees all eating together at my feeders. the christmas bird count was at Pastorius resevior near Durango Colorado and it had one of the highest number of species and also one of the highest total number of birds.
  13. Help Please

    most of them i see is just a foot or so of a limb hung from a limb or a feeder pole and filled with suet mix or peanut butter
  14. What is the best photo site?

    google photos.txt its not opening but it says that google photos has unlimited photo storage as long as you have small size limits on photos so i can store all my photos but whatbird has limits on attachments google photos.txt