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  1. Bird food

    it can be expensive to feed birds especially the jays and doves and magpies and blackbirds because they come in large bunches. i found over the years that the big birds like the grains and cracked corn and the scratch grains which is mixed grains for chickens. so i buy cracked corn and scratch grains at the local feed store cheaper a lot more than mixed bird seed. and they love it i paid 8 dollars for a 50 lb bag for them the other day. and they emptied the feeders the same day. use any kind of hopper feeder that they can perch on. My sister just uses a metal pan and hangs it from a branch with rope on each side
  2. Loose Parakeet

    what worked for me was a box held up on one side with a stick and a cord running to the porch and some goodies under the box and when he went under the box to eat i pulled the cord and the box fell down over him
  3. here the walmart store has two brands of Boss. The morning song is $17 plus tax for 50 lb and penington $18 plus tax for 40 lb
  4. What is the best photo site?

    with the lateist version of Windows 10 i can just plug either of my cameras in the computer and it goes to the photos page on my computer and i download the camera there when i want to post a photo i click on Photos and select the photo i want and it attaches it to forum i want on whatbird fast and easy and no problems so far
  5. Holes in bottom of thistle sock

    i have both magpies and scrub jays that will fly up to a sock or a suet cage and hold on for a few seconds and jab at the sock or suet and then fly down to the ground and eat the stuff that falls out. two or three magpies can almost empty in minutes by taking turns stacking the suet cage and the scrub jay will hold on to the sock and jab at it. so i have been putting the thistle in a feeder that only lets small seeds and thistle to flow out into the tray on the bottom
  6. big buck

    big buck eating acorns from oak brush just outside my front door
  7. Flickr Users

    i got a bunch lately but a friend told me bad! so i just logged off and don't open them
  8. Abert's squirrels

    this a young aberts squirrel in my sisters backyard taken today near Durango Colorado
  9. Who am I?

    it is a guinea fowl oops somebody beat me. they are usually escapees from somebodys farm or pet or in some cases they are released on hunting club or forest land when i lived out at the farm we would order baby chickens and also get a few other chicks such as guineas or turkeys ect. Guineas are great watchdogs as they screech when a stranger comes around. Mine used to go up to a neighbors place and she would call me to come get her. they eat lots of insects and weed seeds
  10. Plant Identification Thread

    these are called fishhook cactus here because of the shape of the spines. they are found on the red rock canyon rims in the four corners. this one i dug on my family farm in southeast utah probably 20 years ago or more and has been in a plant pot in my backyard. it blooms every spring and the blooms last several weeks.
  11. female house finch?

    did not show photo but got it now
  12. female house finch?

    big beak and but don't usually see finches on the suet blocks lots belly striping
  13. female house finch?

    big beak and but don't usually see finches on the suet blocks lots belly striping
  14. female house finch?

    big beak and but don't usually see finches on the suet blocks lots belly striping
  15. cordilleran flycatchers?

    as far as i know they are a pair the first two photos are the same bird. and the last photo the mate. i took one photo with my point and search camera and my sister took the other two photos same day