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  1. A few SoCal IDs

    Thanks, I see Mockingbird now, I guess the angle fooled me, plus Mockingbirds aren't native to my NW.
  2. A few SoCal IDs

    Big Morongo Reserve 12-17 California Towhee? Bolsa Chica - Huntington Beach Tried to make this a Kingbird but I think it would rather be a Say's Phoebe? Flycatcher - Newport back bay - not sure what kind, I thought Willow but I don't see it in SoCal in winter on range map. Thanks
  3. Dark Morph Red Tail?

    More detail would be nice, I've not seen one of these guys.
  4. Dark Morph Red Tail?

    Hey where did you see this guy?
  5. Bolsa Chica Hummer

    I was thinking the preponderance of evidence pointed to Allen's given the time of year. The locals were calling it an Allen's.
  6. waterfowl id

    The vague swoosh over the eye reminds me of a Wigeon or GW Teal as part of the mix.
  7. Common Raven is my guess.
  8. Bolsa Chica Hummer

    Don't know if this will help
  9. Plovers

    Thanks, Oly with your list of hummers in your profile, can you confirm my hummer post I put up earlier?
  10. Plovers

    Bolsa Chica Reserve Huntington Beach, CA 12-26-17 Are these all black bellied plovers? Thanks
  11. Bolsa Chica Refuge, Huntington Beach, CA 12-27-17 Appearance, location and date lead me to believe this is an Allen's. Agree?
  12. AZ hummer ID

    Thanks, I was hoping that was a Blue Throat..
  13. AZ hummer ID

    Mt Lemmon, SE AZ in August What is the large one? Guessing either Rivoli's or Blue Throat Is the small one a female Broad Billed? THX
  14. Tiny Bird in Pennsylvania

    Bewick's Wren? they are a bit more solid colored.