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  1. Wren, Warbler & Yellowlegs

    I'm confident that the warbler is a Chestnut-sided. I believe that they are the only warbler with yellow on the wings and streaking on the back.
  2. Sharp-shinned or Cooper's

    Well nobody called it a Coop though
  3. Pine Warbler?

    I'm not sold on Pine, but I don't know what I'm talking about. Couldn't a Cape May Warbler look kinda like that?
  4. Another Coopers Hawk?

    Definitely with that large head and thin streaking.
  5. Sharp-shinned or Cooper's

    Umm.... No, nobody did.
  6. 4 Sparrows

    I'd agree with Vesper too. Good call Tim.
  7. Thrasher? Thrush? Ovenbird?

    Hermit would certainly be more common, but it definitely could be Gray-cheeked. It looks quite reddish though, and I wouldn't expect to see any warm tones anywhere on a GCTH.
  8. raptor

    Looks like a Prairie Falcon! Cool bird. Not sure what his lunch is though, maybe a meadowlark?
  9. Five birds

    1 and 2 are both Swamp Sparrows. 3 appears to be a Song Sparrow but I could be wrong. That bill shape makes 4 an American Coot. 5 appears to be a Northern Mockingbird.
  10. Can anyone do anything with this?

    I asked some friends and they said White-rumped. Any other opinions?
  11. Please help me with ID of these birds

    The top one is a Royal Tern. The one to its right is a Sandwich Tern. The rest of the ones are Forster's Terns.
  12. Gull

    I'm inclined to agree.
  13. Seemed a bit olive backed

    Red-eyed Vireo.
  14. Fall warbler help

    Yes, that's true. Also, most Bay-breasted are gone from CT by this time; Blackpoll are a lot later.
  15. Can anyone do anything with this?

    Braddock Bay, NY. 10/10/15. Got a Calidris sp. for you guys! No idea where to start. Thinking maybe Dunlin, but it looked a little too strongly marked. These may be different birds but I'm not sure.RSCN5566 by Peter Thompson, on FlickrRSCN5563 by Peter Thompson, on FlickrRSCN5560 by Peter Thompson, on Flickr And here's a probable Least but just want a confirm. DSCN5558 by Peter Thompson, on Flickr