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  1. Thanks. In all this time, I have never seen a youngster before.
  2. Orange County, CA Taken today I'm at a loss on this bird. At first, thought it was a young Cal Towhee, but I just don't know. Thanks so much. IMG_0222 by Cany Cany, on Flickr IMG_0217 by Cany Cany, on Flickr
  3. Is it any worse than the road up to Los Pinos Trailhead out of the Santa Anas? I go up there with my 4Runner 2x. Don't have a 4wheel. It's pretty rough in spots. I have heavy duty tires on it. I want to go up to the SBernardinos... just not sure where good places are. Anything near Forest Home area and from there up to BBear? How about the dippers up off 7 Oaks Road? What's the best route for that?
  4. Finally, after three trips, got the Red-eyed Vireo at Huntington Central Park. Really a hard, hard bird to get. It was actually just dumb luck for me; the result of a dust up between some robins (there is a robin on a nest nearby) and crows and all the other birds came to help, including the vireo. Saw it, then heard it... but when it flew I could never refind it to photo it, despite trying for a long time. I may head down to SD this week to get the yellow-throated. Guy, from OC, what's the best way to the Arraste Creek area where the Gray V and Mag.Warb were found? Given the fire, I have been reticent to go.
  5. Ruby or black-chinned?

    That first bird has very pointed tail feathers. Looks like a female Black-chinned to me. The second has rounded tail feathers which would seem to be a Ruby-throated?
  6. Help Confirm Glossy Ibis?

    I'm on the L. Coast (we do not get them here where I am), but that is certainly what this looks like to me.
  7. Black Bellied Plover?

    Yep, sure looks like it to me!
  8. Fly catcher id help please

    Well, that's interesting! I sure didn't know that and I will keep that in mind. Thanks so much for bringing that up.
  9. Guy, I think you've got it. My only concern is tail shape. Does Western Wood-Peewee have curved or straight tail feathers? This bird has a small notch and you can see curved tail feathers... not straight.
  10. Fly catcher id help please

    I don't see this as a Western Wood-Peewee. Why not a Hammonds? Am I wrong in seeing just a bit of a kick on the rear of the eyering? Light throat, medium longish primary projection? White wingbars (v. buffy, brownish). I think the angle may make the bill look longer than it really is? Just my best guess based on the photo.
  11. I found this flycatcher yesterday. The bird stayed up high the entire time (maybe 25 feet up). Bad, horrible no good lighting! Silent. Didn't respond to Hammond's or Olive-sided calls. It appears to be an Olive-sided Flycatcher but I cannot explain the wingbars. You western experts, what are your thoughts? Appears to have two white wingbars. Very upright posture. Longish primary projections. Partially (pretty big part) yellow in lower bill that appears to be broad based (which doesn't fit Olive-sided?) Appears short-tailed. Very faithful in returning to same branch repeatedly and even the same spot on the same branch most of the time. Definite small notch in tail (note tail feather shape). Some photos show dark on undertail coverts, others do not. Obvious vest in the flight photo otherwise doesn't appear prominent (lighting?). Appears to have a light throat and appeared round-headed. I never once saw a crest on the bird (maybe the angle I am at?). Dark headed/faced. No noticeable eyering however has white/light in the loral region. The habitat is riparian with mature trees of various kinds including pine, willow etc. Given the restrictions of the location, I could not get around to the back of the bird. As Sibley suggests, this was a VERY obvious perch. The wingbars are really throwing me but everything else looks right for an Olive-sided. The call given me is by someone I really trust who has a couple decades of experience and is a VERY highly respected birder. I'm sure he is right, but I don't understand the wingbars. I'm trying to understand what I am seeing in these photos. I have seen and photographed an Olive-sided before, but I have not seen wingbars on the bird. Thank you very, very much. IMG_1039 by Cany Cany, on Flickr IMG_1098 by Cany Cany, on Flickr IMG_1043 by Cany Cany, on Flickr My first instinct was an Olive-sided... but I can't explain wingbars and asked for help.
  12. Utah, end of June

    I will be driving in/out of Utah roughly 27 June-30 June. I am trying to figure out where the most productive areas might be for a Californian to pick up new birds along the way. I can enter Utah either from the West or from the South. Would appreciate any thoughts you might have. I live in So. Cal. so a lot of the birds might be the same, but I am specifically looking for things we do NOT have in So. Cal. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
  13. Lol, JimBob. YOU added Sooty, you silly! I did just now add Pink-footed.
  14. I would concur with Hermit Warbler.
  15. Added Sabine's Gull, Red-necked Phalarope from the pelagic trip yesterday. Bumpy, but I did just fine! Lots of birds, and for those of you that went on the winter pelagic, four Brown Boobies remain on oil derrick Eureka; Three sub-adults and one adult. One of the sub-adults took a brief flight for us. Full list isn't out yet, but I think the two I entered may be the only ones not currently on the list.