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  1. Costa's Hummer???

    This is a tricky one. It seems very pale below, but the whites are a bit blown out. The tail feathers seem pretty wide and long, so I think it's just a pale Anna's. Costa's is pretty uncommon in Orange County.
  2. Northern Parula?

    The long tail rules out Parula. Looks to be a female or young male American Redstart.
  3. Woodpecker

    It's a Golden-fronted Woodpecker. Yucutan has a smaller bill and yellow on the face, not red like this bird. For those not familiar with Central American birds, Golden-fronted look different there than in the US.
  4. Juvenile Red Cross Bill????!!!!

    That's a fascinating bird! I've seen a lot of birds (both photos and in person) with deformed bills, but rarely are they so perfectly crossed like this. It was probably just such a mutation that allowed crossbills to evolve in the first place. They are finches after all.
  5. Mystery bird, WA

    Starling is another option.
  6. Another Need I.D. Help

    The image above is the one in the one featured for the Wikipedia article on Woodcock. I think this is another case of "the bird looked like this" instead of a pic of the actual bird.
  7. Hawk identification needed

    10 pounds would be way too big for a hawk to lift (they only weigh a pound or so). As for the hawk, they do spend time on the ground, but it could also have gotten injured by flying into something. If you approach it and it doesn't fly away, it might not be able to fly.
  8. Sharp-Shinned... Am I right?

    The tail may be both rounded and squared off, but the really obviously graduated tail feathers (shorter ones on the outside, longer on the inside) point to Cooper's.
  9. help with 4 orange county birds

    1 Willet, 3 Least Sandpiper. You got the other two.
  10. Gnatcatcher?

    Even better, it’s a Chestnut-sided Warbler.
  11. San Diego area bird. Help with ID?

    It’s a Common Yellowthroat for me. Tail is too long for OC, and the yellow throat contrasting with brown cheeks is off for OC too. Also, the brown overall color on the upper side with just a hint of yellow in the wings is spot on for a dull female common yellowthroat, but wrong for OC, which are generally quite bright in San Diego.
  12. 12 is a female Costa's, with the clean white throat and breast and short tail. I agree with all the rest, including Black-tailed for 3.
  13. poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    I agree with Bell's Vireo.
  14. Headlamp for owling

    I'm not going to shoot them, promise.
  15. Headlamp for owling

    I need a good headlamp for owling in the tropics. Anyone have any recommendations for something under $50 that works well?