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  1. Confirmation Needed

    Yes, that’s a pine siskin. Congratulations!
  2. Hermit Thrush?

    Agree with hermit thrush. By early November this is the only spotted thrush you’re likely to find in NY.
  3. What is it

    White-crowned sparrow
  4. Veery or Hermit

    I agree that this is a hermit thrush. At this point in the fall, you can be fairly confident that any spotted thrush you see in the Northeast will be a hermit thrush, although stragglers of other species do occur.
  5. two nj warblers

    Palm and yellow-rumped is correct.
  6. Pine Warbler?

    Yes, I love the autocorrect on my iPad!
  7. Pine Warbler?

    This is a palm warbler. Note the brown upper parts, yellow uncertain coverts, and the facial pattern.
  8. Pa warbler id

    I'm not entirely confident on this one, though. Orange-crowned warblers are less common back East. The long, pinkish legs are throwing me here too. I'm wondering if this actually might be an immature mourning warbler - not a species I have any personal experience with but a possibility. I'll be interested to hear what others think. The yellow underparts (especially what can be seen of the undertail coverts) and the lack of wing bars suggest an orange-crowned, but the beak doesn't seem quite as sharp as an orange-crowned and those long pinkish legs...
  9. Pa warbler id

    This looks like orange-crowned warbler with the yellow underparts and plain gray above, plus that partial eye ring and sharp beak.
  10. Warbler

    Yes, that's a palm warbler - beautiful photo!
  11. Or...Orange-crowned Warbler?!

    This looks like a palm warbler to me with the brown upper parts, its facial pattern, and yellow underparts.
  12. Another Northern Parula (?) in NJ today

    This is an American redstart, a female or young male
  13. Passerine in southern Ontario

    I'd say so too
  14. VT Warblers

    1) Bay-breasted warbler 2) Magnolia warbler 3) Scarlet tanager, fall males are usually more yellow with darker wing plumage 4) Black-throated green warbler 5) Blue-headed vireo 6) Looks like another Bay-breasted to me with the dark feet