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  1. Bill shape seems to favor Pied-billed.
  2. Yes, a feral/domestic Muscovy. They can be completely white, like this, or have different patterns of black and white.
  3. Not a Dunlin, maybe a Pectoral Sandpiper?
  4. Laughing Gull.
  5. It seems almost certain that I will be making a trip out to southeast Arizona this summer, probably in June or July, exclusively for birding. Not certain on time frame yet. I know that several members here either live in the general area or have experience birding in the region. I know it's a large area, but any tips or pointers on certain hotspots would be greatly appreciated. I've had very little experience birding in the west, so there's certainly the potential for a large number of lifers on the trip. Thanks!
  6. Agreed.
  7. Seconded.
  8. Yes, agree with Sharp-shinned.
  9. Yes, young Bald Eagle.
  10. Agreed!
  11. Welcome to Whatbird! Agree with young Northern Mockingbird.
  12. Forster's is correct, I believe those with more black on the head are first winter birds.
  13. That second bird looks like a young Red-shouldered Hawk.