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  1. Gull or Tern

    Agreed, that black ring on a yellow bill confirms it.
  2. What Warbler(s)?

    Nashville was my thought as well.
  3. #ABArare

    Yellow-breasted Bunting, Labrador. http://blog.aba.org/2017/10/abarare-yellow-breasted-bunting-newfoundland-labrador.html
  4. Kinglets?

  5. Greater or Lesser

    I'd say Greater.
  6. Can not identify this little bird

    Agreed, likely a male American Redstart.
  7. Cassin Kingbird?

  8. Lesser Yellowlegs????

    Bill length actually favors Greater Yellowlegs here.
  9. Type of sparrow?

    Song Sparrow.
  10. Pink vs Oregon Junco

    Where was this taken? I could easily see it as a female Oregon, but it might not be identifiable to subspecies level.
  11. Trying to identify these birds following a trip to Toronto from the UK

    Welcome to Whatbird! You've got Northern Flickers, a species of woodpecker.
  12. wigeon and teal

    All are correct.
  13. Tennessee Warbler?

    Yep, Black-throated Blue.
  14. Small bird - Jersey City

  15. Ducks

    I'd say female Gadwall for the rear bird in #5.