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  1. shorebird ID help please

  2. Not a clue what this bird is

    A female, which might be what's confusing you.
  3. Raptors from South Florida from today

    1. Yes 2. Northern Harrier 3. Snail Kite 4. Looks good 5. Tree Swallow, Bank would have a clearly defined brown breast band 6. Looks good for Greater, can't really make out the peep though, if the legs are yellow I'd say Least 7. Yes 8. Same as #6, legs look like they might be yellow, so probably Least 9. Little Blue Heron, note the grayish feathers on the wings
  4. Unknown Bug Catcher

    That's a Black Phoebe, a species of flycatcher.
  5. Unknown Bug Catcher

    Welcome to Whatbird! Sounds like a flycatcher of some sort, but I can't see the photo either.
  6. Few More from South Florida yesterday

    1. Spotted 2. Yes 3. Eastern Phoebe 4. Looks like it
  7. Ibis? In northern Italy

    These are Sacred Ibis, apparently they're introduced in Italy.
  8. Mississippi Gulf Coast Shorebird

    No worries, size is really quite difficult to judge in the field, especially with only a half inch of difference. Just this morning I saw a bird a little ways ahead of me that I could have sworn was closer to sparrow-sized, when I got closer it turned out to be a mockingbird!
  9. Mississippi Gulf Coast Shorebird

    I'm pretty sure there isn't a huge size difference between Dunlins and Sanderlings, not enough to be very obvious from this shot anyways. That long, downward-curving bill confirms Dunlin.
  10. Broad-winged, Cooper’s or another

    Welcome! I agree with Red-tailed, the pale eyes suggest this is a young bird.
  11. Austin TX, Mar 22

    Agreed, Cedar Waxwings.
  12. Central Texas 78070 on 3-22-2018

    Agree with Northern Mockingbird.
  13. Finch?

  14. South TX: Two (?) swallows

    Yes, both are correct.