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  1. Just looked it up and Common Pochard is CPOC, and Common Potoo is CPOT.
  2. A Great Horned Owl in the backyard was a great addition to the yard list this evening. Also happens to be a county lifer. Got great scope views!
  3. Yep, House Finches.
  4. House Sparrow. EDIT: Double sniped!
  5. That one in flight is a Laughing Gull.
  6. It's a Northern Harrier, might be a juvenile though.
  7. Hawfinch in Anchorage. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S34945373
  8. Song Sparrow.
  9. Red-tailed seconded.
  10. Looks like it to me. Great find and shot!
  11. Nice! We just booked the trip the other day, I think we leave on like the 23rd of June and come back one of the first days of July. Going to spend a few days at the Grand Canyon in addition to SE AZ.
  12. Agreed, domestic Graylag Goose.
  13. Field Sparrow.
  14. Looks like a Ferruginous to me.