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  1. Ibis ?

    Immature White Ibis.
  2. Scarlet or Summer Tanager

  3. Southern Michigan waterfowl

    From what I can see, they appear to be Hooded Mergansers, yes.
  4. Bird

    I agree with Plumbeous Vireo.
  5. Lesser Yellowlegs?

  6. Hawk ID

    Red-tailed Hawk.
  7. Sparrow ID

    The one on the left is a juvenile Chipping Sparrow, while the one on the right is an adult.
  8. AZ Birds

    Agree with Matth.
  9. Sparrows and a Duck

    Yeah the more I look at it the more it looks like a Savannah.
  10. #ABArare

    Apparent Gray-tailed Tattler in Maine! http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S38648208
  11. Sparrows and a Duck

    1. Looks more like a Song Sparrow 2. Strikes me as a Savannah 3. Agree, Green-winged Teals
  12. Beijing Dove

    Red Turtle-dove? Not sure.
  13. Semipalmated Sandpiper?