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  1. IvoryBillHope

    Confirm Veery?

    Yes, it is.
  2. IvoryBillHope

    Bird from today

    Chipping Sparrow maybe?
  3. IvoryBillHope

    Unidentified gull

    Great Black-backed Gull.
  4. IvoryBillHope

    Birds from SW Germany last month

    The yellowish coloring on #2 favors Great Tit, I believe.
  5. IvoryBillHope

    Young Tree Swallow??

    This is actually a male Purple Martin.
  6. IvoryBillHope

    What Hawk?

    Broad-winged Hawk.
  7. IvoryBillHope

    Garden Bird Identification Help

    Head pattern and bill shape fit European Goldfinch.
  8. IvoryBillHope

    Neotropic Cormorant?

    Looks good. Ebird shows quite a few records in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  9. IvoryBillHope

    Boat stowaways!

    Welcome to Whatbird! That's a Prothonotary Warbler, cool!
  10. IvoryBillHope

    red-eyed or warbling vireo? Windsor, Ont May 20

    Looks like Red-eyed Vireo to me.
  11. IvoryBillHope

    Pine sisken?

  12. IvoryBillHope

    Confirm Nashville Warbler?

    Nice bird!
  13. IvoryBillHope

    Blue-grey gnatcatcher?

  14. IvoryBillHope

    Horned lark? Montana

    Horned Lark is correct.