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  1. White seabird

    Looks like a young Ring-billed Gull.
  2. Greater White-fronted Geese

  3. Merlin? Young Sharpie/Coop?

    Google his name real quick, you'll find out what he thinks it is.
  4. Help identifing this raptor please

    Yes, that's a Red-tailed. Note the belly band and dark patagials.
  5. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    I think some people have posted links to Dropbox successfully, don't know specifics though.
  6. Is this a Tufted Titmouse?

    Yes it is.
  7. Hybrid duck?

    Scaup is correct, looks like Lesser.
  8. Loon? LI NY

  9. ?? Duck

    Female Ring-necked Duck.
  10. Warbler - pine? Or tennessee or blue-winged?

    Pine Warbler seconded. Welcome to Whatbird!
  11. American Crow or Fish Crow or I'm an Idiot

    We won't be able to tell from this picture, sorry. Best identified by voice.
  12. Squaw Lake, CA Sparrow and ? duck 2-21-18

    Another for Lincoln's.
  13. What am I (Upstate SC)

    Check out that decurved bill, sparrows have straight, short, thicker bills. This is a Brown Thrasher.
  14. Gray Flycatcher Tail Wag?

    I think Say's Phoebe.
  15. Some type of blackbird?

    The red is often hidden when the wings are folded.
  16. Coopers Hawk?

  17. yellow rumped warbler?

  18. Any Lifers?

    Heard about that bird earlier today and wondered if you (and Liam and others) had seen it.
  19. June 2017 Denali Alaska

    Yes, young Gray Jay.
  20. ?? Bird Call

  21. Wren ID help please

    Sedge Wren.
  22. What might these be?

    It's not a Barred Owl, they don't have streaks like that around the facial discs. That's why I wondered if it was captive, since that pattern fits Ural Owl much better.