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  1. House Finch Males

    Yes, all House Finches.
  2. Is this a Rock Wren

  3. Adding to the cacophony of scaups

    Top left looks good for Greater, most of the others appear to be Lesser.
  4. Greater or lesser scaup

    Agree with Lesser here.
  5. Unkown Wren

    House Wren seconded.
  6. Coopers

    Agree with Cooper's.
  7. deformed bill?

    Looks like a House Finch. I can't make out a definite bill deformity from these photos, but if you saw one in the field, it's certainly not unheard of in House Finches. As for the tail, looks fairly standard to me, maybe just an out-of-place feather or two. EDIT: Sniped by psweet!
  8. Large Hawk, white belly?

    It's a Red-tailed. Some are very pale like this, you can just barely see a hint of the belly band.
  9. Unidentified swimmer

    Looks like a young American Coot.
  10. Unknown birds

    These are Ruddy Turnstones (aside from that small one in the second photo, probably not identifiable).
  11. Tern

    Agreed, that big red bill says Caspian.
  12. Tough to ID?

    Mississippi Kite for me.
  13. Sure and it must be a Sparrow.

  14. What bird is this?

    This is a Carolina Chickadee that you've happened to catch at a funny angle. That black patch which looks like it's on the side of the face is actually on the throat.
  15. Need help identifying grey, crested bird

    I think creeker might have nailed this one.
  16. Surf Scoter????

  17. two sparrows

    Both confirmed. EDIT: Sniped!
  18. Small Canada goose ? Crackling goose

    It's a Canada, proportions are off for Cackling. Domestic Mallards can be much larger than wild Mallards.
  19. FL January - Rough-winged Swallow?

    Looks good.
  20. House or Purple Finch?

    House. That red you're seeing is actually on the rump.
  21. Challenge to all

    It appears creeker and I share a birthday then, happy birthday!
  22. Baby birds facing corners at night

    That's actually a House Finch. EDIT: Sniped.
  23. First Bird of 2018

    Same here.
  24. Small tree-clinging bird