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  1. A "fatal flaw?" I’ve been fighting with V. 7.24 for a couple of years and it has a "fatal flaw!" I even upgraded to an iPad Pro2 10.5" (from an iPad Air) to no avail. It still refuses to open on first attempt, will not sync with or sign into Dropbox (app closes/crashes to background), closes or crashes (or whatever the h-e-double el you want to call it) whenever I "close the lid" and it always loses all the settings whenever it does close/crash. I didn’t realize I was putting up with a fatal flaw,,,,, I just thought the app was junk.
  2. Charles, I too have had "crashes" of 7.24 on my iPad Air running 8.1. In my case the "crash" happens in two situations that I have noticed. One is when I open another app and WGBA moves into the background. When I return to WGBA (regardless of how I return), it opens to where I left it but immediately "crashes" into the background, but it is running in the background nonetheless. I can retrieve it again, but it's starting fresh from its home page. The second is when I close the cover while WGBA is running on top. When I open the cover to resume, it "crashes" into the background and to its home page. My BAM or "Common Location" is lost too because it's as though you're starting the app fresh, which is what I'm doing. I suspect it's bug that MWG is now aware. And yes, it is a great app! Dave Denny
  3. dwdenny

    Problem since 1.2 update

    Do you have an approximate ETA for the patch? Will it require another full app download or will it just be the patch to download?
  4. dwdenny

    iBird Notes Updates

    Would it be possible to add a GPS button to Notes for location? iBird Notes has a datestamp/timestamp button, which is great. A quick and easy "one-button" click for location would be equally superb. I often get confused as to where exactly I saw a particular bird.
  5. dwdenny

    Installing iBird Pro 3.0.8

    Mitch, Thank you for the confirmation. Knowing where all the files reside alleviates a lot of anxiety. iBird 3 is now working fine on my Razr Maxx w/ICS. Also, I copied my ibird_yardp2_backup.xml to my PC and then "restored" it to my wife's phone so she wouldn't have to re-enter them one-by-one. I suppose one way to handle the three apps is to copy & rename the xml file after installing the new app. Dave
  6. dwdenny

    Installing iBird Pro 3.0.8

    Well, not to quote myself with my own question; the answer may be "no." I believe I found where the Favorites & Notes BACKUP file is found (at least the Favorites, as I have no notes). If I'm not mistaken (and ANYONE can correct me and it would not insult me), it is in the base folder where the iBird_Pro folder is found. The name of this backup file (in my case) is ibird_yardp2_backup.xml. I believe this to be correct by opening the file after connecting my phone to my PC and noticed there were the same number of "file calls" as there were "favorites" in my iBird. I then changed its file extension, and lo-&-behold, my backup no longer existed - changed it back and the backup existed. I did have to disconnect my phone from the PC after each operation for iBird to recognize the change. I tried this with both ESFileExplorer (as a stand alone operation) and connected to the PC. I really like the new look of 3.0.8 on my wife's phone since the corrections made to verification and other issues. I'm now going to upgrade to 3.0.8 with a fairly high degree of confidence that I can restore my "Favorites."
  7. dwdenny

    Installing iBird Pro 3.0.8

    I still have a question though; just where exactly are the Favorites & Notes stored. Are they not in the iBird_Pro folder that we are supposed to delete before upgrading to Ver 3.0.8?