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  1. iCloud sync feature

    I have iBird Pro on my android phone and had a heck of a time getting my favorites and notes to show up from older versions on other phones. Now that I have the favorites/notes I think I should use the iCloud sync feature, but I'm afraid if I "enable" that feature it will sync with iCloud and wipe out my notes/favorites, since I have no note/favorites saved in the cloud as far as I know. When it syncs does it send the info to iCloud FROM my phone or does it download what is in the cloud TO my phone. I will go ahead and enable the feature if it simply sends my favorites/notes to the cloud whenever I add notes or edit them. Thanks for clarifying how the sync feature actually works. The page I'm talking about has "Sign out from iBird Cloud Sync (my email address) and below that is "Enable Notes Syncing" and "Enable Favorites Syncing," neither of which is on - the white circle is on the left side of the gray oblong area.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Since I posted this question I have been able to get version 6.1.299 installed and working on my new phone as well as my old phone. My favorites (saved and edited over many years) and notes show up on the old phone, but I can't get them onto the new phone. Support people are going to get back to me about how to do that. I have the *.xml file that contains the favorites/notes, but I don't know where to put it on the new phone. On the old phone it was in the "internal storage" folder, but putting it there on the new phone doesn't cause the favorites to show up in the program. Maybe there is another folder it should be in. I hope there will be an import/export feature in the next upgrade; currently all I find is a way to back up the favorites/notes, no way to import them. From the link you provided, it looks like what I need is in the works and will work in conjunction with Google Drive. Any idea when the next update will be out? Thanks for all the work you guys do.
  3. LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7 ?

    I just got an LG G5 running Android 6.0.1 and have installed ibird pro, newest version I can find. It runs fine, but I'm having trouble importing or figuring out how to import my favorites. My old phone, LG G2, has the same version of ibird as far as I can tell - they look identical and are described the same in "about ibird" menu (version 6.1.299, build 299). I can't seem to find a file to take from the old phone and put on the new phone to make my favorites appear. In File Manager software I find a folder called "iBirdFavoriteBackups" in my internal storage folder, and when I add birds to the favorites list and back it up, a file in this folder changes (it's called "Default Favorites List"), getting a little bigger with each bird. However, when I take the same file (doesn't appear to have any extension, but the one on my old phone is 420 B, and the one on the new phone is much smaller) from my old phone and replace the file on the new phone with it, the favorites in the iBird program don't change. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'd sure like to see some sort of import/export feature so I can have my favorites and notes on the new phone.
  4. No one really answered the question. I would also like to go back to iBird Explorer 3.1. The only apk file I can find has a warning that there are possible viruses in it. Not going to touch that one... My issue is that I just upgraded my phone and ended up with iBird 6.something, and I can't import my favorites and notes from the *.xml file that is what holds this data in 3.1. Alternatively, if someone would explain to me or give me a link for an explanation of how to import this file, I'd be fine with the newer version. All the documentation I can find talks about cloud and drop box, neither of which I use. With 3.1 when I wanted to sync my program from my phone to my tablet (I would only make changes to favorites on my phone) I would just back up the phone program, take the resulting *.xml file, and replace the last one I had on my tablet. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I'd really just like to go back to 3.1 if I could find the apk file somewhere safe. I realize I'm not going to get it from the Google Play store.
  5. I went to use ibird on my phone today and found message "app not installed." I can't download and install because i get message "this app is incompatible with your device." I paid for the app long ago and now can't use it so what am i supposed to do? How do i go about getting a refund?