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  1. vireo ?

    I'm pretty sure this is a Red-eyed Vireo, but I've definitely never seen one from this angle before - nice!
  2. need help with large PA bird ID

    Welcome to Whatbird! Another possibility could be a Great Blue Heron. I've never seen a Secretarybird, but looking at photos online, the wing pattern is somewhat similar.
  3. Warbler

    Agree with Black-throated Gray.
  4. Hummingbird Id needed

  5. Is this a hybrid woodpecker?

    Seems fine for Ladder-backed to me.
  6. Please confirm taken today

    First looks like a Yellow-rumped Warbler to me. Not a vireo with that streaked back.
  7. Warbler ID

    The pointy warbler-shape bill is clear enough in the third photo to rule out vireos
  8. Pac Slope or Yellow Bellied Flycatcher?

    Very likely to be Pacific-slope just on location. Cordilleran is only distinguishable by voice though.
  9. Cliff swallow among Barn Swallows?

    All look like Barn to me with their forked tails, although I can't quite make out #5. There might be a Tree Swallow in there - top-most bird in #4 with a square tail and may have some white.
  10. Red Necked Grebe?

    Agree it's not a Red-necked, but curious if others have thoughts on Horned vs. Eared here. I don't see any sign of a light bill tip, and overall shape as well as the black cap extending below the eye makes me think Eared, but these molting plumages are always really tricky and I've been wrong plenty of times!
  11. 3 birds from New Mexico

    1. female Hepatic Tanager 2. Say's Phoebe 3. Great-tailed Grackles
  12. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    Good tip on the name change - the photo didn't load for me either, but if you click on "M.A." to go to the OP's main Flickr page, the pics are there.
  13. Welcome to Whatbird! You've got a Green-tailed Towhee here. Very cool looking bird!
  14. What bird in the woods?

    Yeah, I can see it as a Pine. It does seem to have a longish tail.
  15. Flycatcher or Maybe Bluebird

    Welcome to Whatbird! This is definitely a bluebird, and I think it's a Mountain Bluebird but I'm not 100% sure. Where was the photo taken?