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  1. What Wisconsin Bird is this

    It's a Dark Eyed Junco. In the field, look for the white edges on the tail.
  2. Flyover flock

    I was thinking waxwings as well, for what it is worth....
  3. Common Golden Eye???

    Yes sir, a female with 10 mallards.
  4. Scaup. What type?

    BTW, are we sure these are all the same duck? 1 and 3 look similar, but 2 looks different...and more like a Lesser (bill size).
  5. Scaup. What type?

    Personally, I'm leaning to Greater. Rounder head in the first pic (which to me is the most crisp image), and, it looks the pics are taken on "big" water (big water has more greaters, smaller water has more Lessers). Finally, the green head also makes me lean towards greater, but I know sheen should not be a major factor in making your ID. All that said, the images are blurry, so it's hard to say for sure.
  6. Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned

    Yeah, that's a tough one. Would need a more detailed pic to ID the hawk. Sorry.
  7. Help with Warblers Set 1

    Hm, Canada was not on my radar, but there have been some seen at this location recently. Those spots/streaks on the chest suggest that too, but the bright eye ring isn't all that visible here....could it be a juvenile?
  8. Help with Warblers Set 2

    Also from Ottawa, Ontario this morning. Blackpoll Warbler? No Idea..... Thanks again, Mike
  9. Help with Warblers Set 1

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble IDing these ones. Taken today in Ottawa, Ontario. Are all these Cape May Warblers? Thanks for any and all insight! Mike
  10. Solitary Sandpiper?

    Agreed with spotted. They are similar, but spotted will have the brighter legs.
  11. Help with IDs from coastal Maine

    Perfect, thanks everyone.
  12. Help with IDs from coastal Maine

    Even guesses would be helpful..... Thanks again. Mike
  13. Hey there everyone, These were taken last week in Coastal Maine, just east of Portland. Any insight would be appreciated. Young Song Sparrow? Semipalmated Sandpipers? Warbler of some type....The first is of the adult, the second of the young it was with.... Thanks everyone, Mike
  14. Short or long billed?

    Agreed with short billed. Like Pumaman, I use the breeding feathers too...the buffy edges of these feathers suggest SB, while the long-billed have the buffy colouring concentrated at the tips mainly.