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  1. Help with Warblers Set 1

    Hm, Canada was not on my radar, but there have been some seen at this location recently. Those spots/streaks on the chest suggest that too, but the bright eye ring isn't all that visible here....could it be a juvenile?
  2. Help with Warblers Set 2

    Also from Ottawa, Ontario this morning. Blackpoll Warbler? No Idea..... Thanks again, Mike
  3. Help with Warblers Set 1

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble IDing these ones. Taken today in Ottawa, Ontario. Are all these Cape May Warblers? Thanks for any and all insight! Mike
  4. Solitary Sandpiper?

    Agreed with spotted. They are similar, but spotted will have the brighter legs.
  5. Help with IDs from coastal Maine

    Perfect, thanks everyone.
  6. Help with IDs from coastal Maine

    Even guesses would be helpful..... Thanks again. Mike
  7. Hey there everyone, These were taken last week in Coastal Maine, just east of Portland. Any insight would be appreciated. Young Song Sparrow? Semipalmated Sandpipers? Warbler of some type....The first is of the adult, the second of the young it was with.... Thanks everyone, Mike
  8. Short or long billed?

    Agreed with short billed. Like Pumaman, I use the breeding feathers too...the buffy edges of these feathers suggest SB, while the long-billed have the buffy colouring concentrated at the tips mainly.
  9. 2 From Central Ohio

    1. Indigo Bunting 2. GREAT shot of a Virginia Rail.
  10. Cooper, Sharp-shinned Hawk ?

    The shape and size makes me think Sharpie, but the lighter nape is a feature of Cooper's is it not? Is the light nape a reliable ID feature?
  11. Limpkin in Texas?

    You're right, the colour does look like a Limpkin's. It's actually a night heron. Yellow crowned. The juveniles have the brown colouration.
  12. Bird with an Orange tail

    Try looking at pics of Great Creasted Flycatchers. They have a bit of a rufous lower back/tail that I have noticed when they're flying around my place here in Ottawa. They're pretty vocal birds too, so have a listen to a recording of their call and see if it sounds familiar.
  13. Vireo from this morning

    Thanks a bunch.
  14. Vireo from this morning

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get help to ID this one. Here in Ottawa, Ontario these days we get plenty of Warbling and Red-Eyed, but this one's features looked kind of "in-between". Wondering if it could be a Philadelphia? Yellow seems concentrated on the throat, and there is a darker lore than I usually see on the Warbling. Let me know what you think, and thanks. Mike