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  1. Mexican bird

    I keep coming back to look at this and getting a Flicker vibe... except for the total lack of field marks for Flickers!
  2. Another bird from Merida, Yucatan

    Yeah, not Tropical, so I'd go for Eastern too in that case.
  3. Unknown Parakeet

    Welcome to WhatBird! I agree with wet parakeet; can't be of much more help, unfortunately.
  4. Another bird from Merida, Yucatan

    Ah, ok; we get both during migration, so I assumed you did too!
  5. Another bird from Merida, Yucatan

    Eastern or Western, I'd say; in migration you should have both there, right?
  6. Bird Help

    Probably more variety. You can offer fruit (chopped apples, raisins, orange halves) for the fruit eaters. Not a lot you can do to feed insect eaters besides the suet and mealworms, but a birdbath will attract some of those species, because everyone needs to drink and bathe no matter what they eat Also next spring you could add a hummingbird feeder. Also patience! As time passes more birds will find your feeders and variety should increase. Welcome to WhatBird!
  7. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    My impression was also some kind of oriole. I don't think the bill is really hooked; looks like maybe the bird has something in or near the bill in the first photo giving that effect mabye?
  8. Definitely agree with Rivoli's (still not used to the new name SIGH) for #1; I see them looking shabby and disheveled like this on a regular basis. Also I agree that 6 is not a White-Eared; the bill is too thick and stout, and appears slightly downcurved, where White Ears' bills are straight. Also the red color should go all around the bill (both mandibles) and extend farther up the bill. I've seen occasional White-Eareds with very little red on the bill, but other things don't fit either. There seems to be too much coppery color on the head, back, and wings. I'm having trouble putting my finger on it, but the face and gorget don't look quite right either; the white ear doesn't seem bold enought, and I'd expect more solid coloring on the gorget when the underside has as few spots as this one does. Never seen a Broad-Billed, so I can't confirm that one, but I see dozens of White-Eareds every day.
  9. My house burned down

    So sorry to hear about your house. I'm glad you have a place to stay!
  10. I moved it for you. You can ask a mod to do this when necessary. As to the ID I don't know how much help I'll be; I've never been to South America. How big was it? Could it be some kind of grassquit? Also be sure to check females, since lots of these little guys have flashy brilliantly colored males with nondescript greenish-yellowish females.
  11. Can not identify this little bird

    Welcome to WhatBird! Sounds like maybe an adult male American Redstart.
  12. Found Injured (Now Deceased) Bird

    Welcome to WhatBird. Location is always helpful, but assuming US, that's a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. Beautiful birds; I'm sorry it didn't make it.
  13. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Click on your user name in the upper right hand corner; choose account settings, then on the next page choose signature.
  14. Small sparrow

    Welcome to WhatBird! I was going to jump in and say, looks like a juvie Rufous-Collared Sparrow, so it must be a Lincoln's; but last time I did that I was wrong so I chickened out :-D
  15. Hummingbird identification

    They're hardy little guys! We don't get that low here (record low is -9C) but we are regularly at -5C at night during the cold season, and the hummers do just fine.