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  1. LOL The Clay-Colored Robins of North America! Same story here, I've never seen one, so thanks for the confirmation.
  2. Thanks! I've never seen them in real life, so I wanted to be sure.
  3. Welcome to WhatBird! I've merged your two threads together to avoid confusion. If you were in North America I'd say check out catbirds, but no idea for Ireland!
  4. Welcome to WhatBird! A young Brown-Headed Cowbird perhaps? Wait for other opinions.
  5. Welcome to WhatBird! I think that's a young Starling, but wait for a confirmation to be sure. Sometimes juveniles are confusing, and not all field guides cover different plumages very well.
  6. @eyesopen I had something like this happen recently too, and also assumed it was related to the autosave. However I'm not complaining; I LOVE the autosave on this site. It has saved me from failing internet connections dumping my posts over and over!
  7. Hi and welcome to WhatBird! I'm sorry about the delay in approving your post; it seems we mods overlooked it (there have been a lot of new member posts in the past few days). I'm not so familiar with finch species in your area so I'll let others help you.
  8. Could you dig up a ring of grass around the feeder pole and plant some kinds of plants there instead, something that would tolerate the falling seeds better than grass and make hubby happy too?
  9. @bpeto1b Welcome to WhatBird! I notice that you posted a couple of responses to this thread on @psweet's profile. I would suggest posting here in the thread instead; it will keep the conversation flowing better, and not everyone checks their profile on a regular basis. If you'd like to call someone's attention to your response, you can type @ followed by the username, and choose the username when it appears on the drop-down list, and they will get a notification. Or you can use the "quote" option to reply; that will also send a notice to the person you're quoting.
  10. Part of the problem is that few if any of us are familiar with the species on St. Kitts. Sorry! Is there a local birding group that might be able to help you? And yes, bill color is one of many things that can be different in very young birds.
  11. That big, bright yellow gape and pin feathers all over certainly indicate a very young bird. No idea what species, sorry!
  12. And Welcome to WhatBird!
  13. Did you get a look at the bill? Cardinals' bills are very large and conical; if you saw that it would rule out a lot of other possibilites. Also, did the head look small? Those bald cardinals do look a bit small-headed because the head doesn't have the bulk of the feathers. I'm not sure how obvious it would be that it's a bald head and not feathers through binocs.
  14. Yes, go with the vireos. I've never seen a Red-Eyed Vireo, only seen Worm-Eating once and don't trust myself to ID it without a good look at the crown, and didn't check range information. To me NY is WAY NORTH LOL! But I remember now that Tennessees breed even farther north. I bow to those with greater experience The general greenish color on top and sublte eyeline made me thing Tennessee, but it seems I was wrong.
  15. These are Tennessee Warblers. Female Redstarts have yellow patches on the wings and tail in the same spots as the orange of the males.