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  1. My turn - baby bird!

    Thank you! I got confirmation from some locals that it is a Rufous-Collared. I think what was throwing me off was that I don't usually see them this young, and this one doesn't have much of a crest; but the photos I have are older (much less yellow on gape and much longer tails). I got it to eat some soaked dog food (it wanted nothing to do with the hard boiled eggs) and it went to sleep. Hoping it will still be alive in the morning! Here's another photo. HIs tail is less than an inch long and seems to only have two feathers.
  2. Need Help Identifying these birds!

    Not sure about the ducks, but the last photo shows European Starlings.
  3. My turn - baby bird!

    Here's another picture:
  4. My turn - baby bird!

    Hi folks! Never quite thought I'd be in this position, but a student from my school brought me this chick this morning. He said it fell out of its nest near his house and he thought it could live in the bluebird box my student just built and hung on the school grounds. Um, nope... Of course the parents were no doubt nearby, but the student was from another town so no way to return it to where it was found. I got it to take some tortilla dough from a syringe, did a litte research at home and boiled an egg for it; but I can't figure out how to get it to take the egg. Won't take it from my fingers or a toothpick, and it won't flow well out of the syringe. Any suggestions? Meanwhile I'm trying to find out if there are any rehabbers that would take it or if it's worth taking it to the zoo tomorrow (closed today). I put it in a cage but he hated it. Can't fly more than a couple of feet. I was sure it was a Rufous-Collared Sparrow but doubting myself now because of the lack of a crest. Not a House Sparrow, right? All suggestions welcome
  5. small bird fed a big bird?

    Maybe the vireo is worn out from trying to keep a baby cowbird alive
  6. Blue jays do not like the peanuts

    I thought I had answered Chaseman back when this was first posted, but I had no idea you could feed birds roasted peanuts, and I stand corrected!
  7. Question about Yellow-bellied Flycatchers

    I'm just more advanced than you. I started wearing conspicuous eye rings when I was 7; although I gave them up when I was 52 (cataract surgery :-D)
  8. Juvenile Grackle in VT?

    Hi! I've merged your two threads to avoid confusion. Agree with female Red-Winged
  9. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    @jhauser42 - I just happened to run into an example: https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/topic/160810-forums-seem-to-be-back-up/&do=findComment&comment=985044
  10. Question about Yellow-bellied Flycatchers

    That happened to me when I was 15 LOL!
  11. trying to figure out what I saw in NC

    My first thought was a female American Redstart...
  12. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    Yeah, it started on July 1 of this year if I'm not mistaken. I've been using Facebook mostly.
  13. Posting Problems?, Please Report them here.

    Photobucket has suddenly become unpopular (In case anyone hasn't heard: they recently changed their policies and now they don't support third-party hosting unless you join with a $400 per year membership; this is retroactive, so all past photos linked to Photobucket don't work unless the user pays the annual fee.)
  14. You might be a birder...

    I actually saw my first Turquoise-Browed Motmot from the windows of the bus on the highway (although I should perhaps clarify that the concept of "highway" is a little different here; it was a two-lane intercity road).
  15. Please can you help me identify this bird

    Try to give it some space; it's quite probable that the parent is nearby but won't approach the baby if you are too close.