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  1. confirm Tennessee Warbler

    Agree with Tennessee.
  2. Is this a Yellow Warbler?

    My impression is also not-Yellow. I see dark and white patches or bars on the wings and white vent area. Plus that eye doesn't look right to me; Yelows have a round dark eye, while this one seems to have some coloration that gives the eyes an almond shaped appearance.
  3. Help identify this bird

    Welcome to WhatBird! Besides the tail (and very young baby birds tend to have short tails compared to adults of their species) the bill tells us immediately that this is not a hawk; they would have a thick bill that turns down at the tip rather than a long pointed bill like we see in this bird. That pattern of white spots is distinctive for a non-breeding Starling, Later in the spring they lose the spots. Finally, in regards to size, experienced birders know/have been forced to accept that it is very hard to judge the size of a bird you see in the wild. I think a lot of us have our embarrasing ID went very wrong story that finally forced us to accept this counterintuitive fact; in my case it was a Blue-and-White Mockingbird I was sure was a jay... In addition most baby birds (the exceptions being things like chickens and ducks) are the size of their parents when they leave the nest, or even a little bigger if the parents have been good providers and got them nice and fat.
  4. Fall Migration

    I'm eagerly waiting for the Ruby-Throated Hummers; they should be here any day now. Meanwhile I have all four of my local species this time of year - Magnificent and White-Eared hummingbirds, which I have all year; Rufous Sabrewings, which are here from April - December; Mexican Violetears, from July to December; and the Rubies are here from September to January or February. Meanwhile there has been a huge Pacific Parakeet boom; I am seeing large numbers of them around school. Last week I saw a flock of 32! Any minute now the other migrants should start showing up - various warblers, Western Tanagers, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, etc. A Yellow-Billed Cuckoo or two should pass through, and in November I get Mangrove Cuckoos for several weeks.
  5. Grand Canyon - four birds

    Thanks @psweet! I didn't consider another juvenile sparrow. And your northern House Wrens always confuse me; much grayer than ours!
  6. Shrike in Mexico?

    Agree with Great Kiskadee. The rufous tones on the wings help distinguish it from other similar species. Is that a yellow gape I'm seeing? Maybe a young bird? Or could be pollen...
  7. Grand Canyon - four birds

    Hey! Everybody must be out birding Someone come and help with my pathetic half-IDs!!!
  8. Grand Canyon - four birds

    Welcome to WhatBird! Your first bird reminds me of a juvenile Rufous-Collared Sparrow, so my guess is Lincoln's Sparrow. Number 2 is a Bluebird, I think maybe Western? Mountain? I only see easterns... The last two are wrens; maybe Rock or Canyon for the first? Someone else will be along with much better answers soon! EDIT I Just noticed that your pictures are out of sequence. The one labeled 4 is the Bluebird, 2 and 3 are wrens, and 2 is the one I thought maybe Rock or Canyon.
  9. Eurasian-collared doves

    Looks right to me!
  10. Eurasian-collared doves

    Photobucket is no longer supporting third party hosting unless you pay a hefty membership fee. Can you upload your photo to another photo hosting site so it can show here?
  11. Is this a rubythroated hummingbird?

    There are well-documented cases of rubies with orange throats; I've seen them myself. I remember reading a while back that it's not clear whether it's due to feather wearing or a variation among individuals, but it definitely happens. I'm eagerly waiting for my Ruby-Throateds to show up. Should be any day now!
  12. Is this ID'able?

    My guess is Tennessee Warbler; wait for confirmations though!
  13. Her birding days are over,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. May she bird happily forever.
  14. Text in some places not showing up

    >The notifications that pop up at the bottom of the screen to say that someone else has posted to the thread you're reading have been popping up blank for me lately. Usually I have the option of showing the new post(s) but lately I only get an X in the corner of the empty box to close it. No notification, no options, just a textless notification box popping up. That's happening to me too. I assumed it was my internet issues, but clearly there is something more going on. I will report the problems.
  15. Text in some places not showing up

    It's been happening to me when I accidentally click "edit" instead of "quote" on posts. I end up having to refresh the page to get out of that menu. :-(
  16. You might be a birder...

    Oh, for heaven's sake! I thought I posted that in the "lifers when not birding" thread. I guess it's bedtime (or I'm too old to keep up with you youngsters LOL!)
  17. I've been thinking for a while that this might be fun. Tell us your "you might be a birder if..." stories. Here's mine. You might be a birder if... You're on the toilet at work when you hear a flock of Pacific Parakeets fly over. You immediately start to calculate how quickly you can get decent (remember I'm a girl LOL) and run out to see how many are in the flock. I didn't get to count them that day, but today 14 flew over as I was arriving. Which leads to my second "You might be a birder if..." You are walking from the bus to your place of work and chatting with coworkers who were on the same bus when the flock of Pacific Parakeets flies over again. You immediately stop to count them. Your coworkers leave you there counting birds and head in, and ask how many there were when you get in.
  18. You might be a birder...

    OK; you have me totally confused. My post was from another thread - how (and why) did you quote it here? LOL
  19. Loose Parakeet

    I hope he shows up...
  20. Need help identifying a bird from Trinidad

    Welcome to WhatBird! I'm glad you got your ID; what a beautiful little guy! Unfortunately, being from a place probably most WhatBirders haven't been to and a juvenile, it may have made it harder to get your ID here. Next time you have a bird from outside of the continental US/Canada you might want to post in the "World Birds" ID thread (or UK/Europe if that applies). The posts don't drop out of sight anywhere near as fast there,a nd people familiar with world birds visit those threads more often. I hope we don't let you down next time you need ID help!
  21. I got my first Turquoise-Browed Motmot on the bus on the way to Coban, a work trip. There it was, perched by the side of the road waiting for me! Definitely not a birding trip, and there was nobody to tell because my coworkers were totally unimpressed. I actually called a friend to get some proper appreciation! And my very first lifer, an Eastern Bluebird, was sitting in a tree behind my house while I was looking at the sign two blocks away I was using to evaluate my eyesight after my cataract surgery. That's how all this got started!
  22. Trouble with "Likes" Function

    That's interesting; it makes me think it's a feature to prevent bots from clicking posts. I know other sites limit how fast you can click, to be sure it's a human and not a program. And I don't think a warning is typical in that situation.
  23. Trouble with "Likes" Function

    Sorry I didn't see this before. There have been some glitches and I have let the admins know; not much more can be done on our end. There is still a like limit, so that could be why they don't show up, but I think you're supposed to get a message saying that.
  24. Loose Parakeet

    Yeah, I wouldn't put your address, but town maybe? Of course only if you feel safe. Hope you can figure something out!
  25. Loose Parakeet

    If you have a bird cage, you could try putting it out with some seed in it. The keet might enter if he is used to the security of a cage. You could also post the photo on Facebook or other similiar sites with a location in case the owner is nearby looking for him; if it's a tame parakeet they might be able to call him in, and if you are able to get it in a cage you can at least keep it safe while you look for the owner, or adopt it or find a new owner if you can't find the current owner. I don't think it would survive a Delaware winter!