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  1. Hello everyone. I am currently making a blog post about birds in a small mountain town called Westcliffe, Colorado. Want to make sure I get the bird ID's right before publishing it. All photos taken in Westcliffe, Colorado. Taken this summer, June to be specific. unverifiedsparrow by Dave Spates, on Flickr Confirm Broad-tailed Hummingbird unverifiedhummingbird by Dave Spates, on Flickr Confirm Red-tailed hawk unverifiedhawk by Dave Spates, on Flickr ? Phoebe by Dave Spates, on Flickr Confirm Golden Eagle GoldenEagle by Dave Spates, on Flickr Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me with these.
  2. I think it's a Phoebe anyway. Help always appreciated. My initial guess was Say's Phoebe. Taken in Lakewood, Colorado, Summer time. Thanks in advance.
  3. June 10th 2017 western kingbird confirmation? kingbird by Dave Spates, on Flickr Im stumped on this one. As always thanks in advance. birdid by Dave Spates, on Flickr
  4. dspates

    Florida Keys Birds

    thanks every one much appreciated
  5. dspates

    Florida Keys Birds

    All taken in July 2016 around Marathon Key, Florida. Thanks in advance. DSC_9685 by Dave Spates, on Flickr DSC_9518 copy by Dave Spates, on Flickr These were all 5-20 miles offshore DSC_9132 copy by Dave Spates, on Flickr DSC_9120 copy by Dave Spates, on Flickr DSC_0090 copy by Dave Spates, on Flickr Looking Brown Booby Confirmation would be lifer. DSC_0123 copy by Dave Spates, on Flickr
  6. dspates

    Colorado Flycatcher

    Also looking for confirmation on Ladder-backed - 1st for me, same spot and time as one listed above. Thanks.
  7. Hello, taken this weekend in Westcliffe, Colorado. Thanks in advance.
  8. dspates

    what plover, fort myers florida

    awesome thank you I was hoping that's what it was !
  9. What plover is this? taken at bunchee beach fort myers florida this month. thanks in advance what plover by Dave Spates, on Flickr
  10. dspates

    More birds Colorado

    Cool thanks, maybe one day I will be able to correctly and consistently distinguish the two apart
  11. Taken today at Red Rocks. As always, thanks in advance whatbird by dspates, on Flickr finch by dspates, on Flickr
  12. dspates

    Cassin's Finch???

    Red Rocks, Colorado, Today... thanks in advance
  13. dspates

    Colorado birds

    awesome thank you both
  14. dspates

    Colorado birds

    Taken today, Denver, Colorado. I'm pretty sure this is the female surf scoter every local around here has been buzzing about...I hope anyways... annnnnd red-tailed hawk?
  15. dspates

    Colorado bizzirds

    Taken yesterday 9-20-14 Belmar Park in Lakewood Colorado Stumped on this one.... 2. I was thinking yellow-rumped warbler but hopefully not, taken minutes after sunrise....