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  1. Whatbird's Old Birders!

    Congrats, Creeker!
  2. Yard List 2015

    Welcome to Whatbird! In some yards in some areas, 9 species is the max you can expect.
  3. midnight birding?

    Oh, hey, you're fine. I know you know the real score. Just having fun with your brainos. (Like a typo, only...)
  4. midnight birding?

    http://www.travel.com.hk/region/time_95.jpg Ahem. I stubbornly cling to the idea that Brazil is east of me. See above--I'm in Michigan which is oddly enough in the Eastern time zone (supposedly because the auto titans wanted to be on Eastern time) and you're on Central time. My Brazilian correspondent is actually on the Atlantic coast, so it looks like he's 2 zones later than I am, but now it's only one, so must have to do with our daylight savings time. Please shoot me if I'm wrong.
  5. midnight birding?

    I sometimes screw up time-zone comparisons as well--drives me crazy when I realize it. Just a couple of weeks ago I was telling someone in Brazil that something from South Africa that I watched online would be an hour later for him, rather than an hour earlier... (I'm EST, he's whatever the next one east is...)
  6. midnight birding?

    I think that's a bit dyslexic?
  7. Is this a zoo?

    My reviewer likes to have such errors pointed out to him. But in this case, I'm sure it's caught a lot of eyes!
  8. Strangest place you've seen a bittern?

    Ironically, I'm not seeing that in your reply to GHO.
  9. Mysteries of the Raincoast

    # 2 Tufted Puffin? (extending the definition of waterfowl a bit, I believe)
  10. Mysteries of the Raincoast

    Thanks! And glad to know the panhandle restriction. Makes sense.
  11. Mysteries of the Raincoast

    Well, I guess if you include Alaska, they're an ABA category 2! (According to Stokes.) I was doubting they'd be described as "tame," though.
  12. Mysteries of the Raincoast

    Haven't heard one vocalize, but--Northern Wheatear?
  13. Mysteries of the Raincoast

    Oops, good point.