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  1. What do we have here? I hope this picture is clear enough for identification. These were seen perched, and flying around, a farm building, northern Illinois. I missed a great shot of one of them sunning, sitting perched with its wings spread. I am a Lyft driver and had to drop my passenger, then came back to where they were. Still there, but then none in that pose. I think the wingspan could be 4, even to 6 feet. Thank you! Brian
  2. Thanks for replies. After I posted, thinking back, I was wondering if I should have judged it smaller, 4 inches. Maybe I'll get back there and look at it again.
  3. I am not here often, but you all are great! This nest in a local forest preserve, suburban Chicago. About 6 feet off the ground in a small tree. It is about 5 inches across. I am thinking American Goldfinch, but not sure. What say you all? Thank you
  4. Fabulous, thank you! Brian
  5. Can someone tell me what this is, from a Lake Michigan beach at Ludington. Thank you. Brian
  6. What is this speckled species?

    On the one hand I thought, I wonder if it will be, its the female. On the other, wow, as you say, they are different! Thanks.
  7. Hi, Northern Illinois, Suburban Chicago, in a marshy water retention area, with Red-winged Blackbirds also. Thanks. http://home.comcast.net/~kdarien/DSC_0387.png
  8. Courting is in session

    This is Northern Illinois, suburban Chicago.
  9. Courting is in session

    Thanks, all. I should have realized that shot was two males (now I know what kind of males). The female ( I presume ) was present also. Disappointed I did not do better with the camera. It was overcast and I underestimate how much that makes a difference, that higher ISO is needed to get faster shutter speed. And aperture setting was wrong... Got to get quicker on my feet about those things. http://home.comcast.net/~kdarien/DSC_0212.png
  10. Hello. What do we have here? Thanks ahead of time. - Brian http://home.comcast.net/~kdarien/DSC_0217.png
  11. What do I have here?

    Thanks everyone. Now I will add the name to the photo so I don't lose what it is again!
  12. I had this identified once and lost track. What is it please? Northern Illinois. Thanks, Brian