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  1. American GoldFinch

    That's what happens here. they show up for a few weeks in Feb then disappear and return in April all decked out in yellow
  2. ID for GBBC

    I saw 27 different species today just by watching birds at backyard feeders, trees behind house and walkling roads and trails near our house. I hope to see some ducks and hawks tomorrow
  3. ID for GBBC

    I,m taking part in the great backyard bird count...need help with this one. Sorry pic doesnt show wings but they had white stripes on them...I'm thinking it is a Pine Warbler
  4. Help with Id, please

    Trying to hide from the camera as usual. This is the bird that started it all for me...I don't usually see them until April
  5. It's a European Starling Adult non-breeding
  6. Best Field Guide?

    Thanks Creeker but I rarely carry a field guide with me anyway...I usually take a picture, if I can, then try to ID once I get back home. If I don't get a pic I go from memory
  7. Bob White!

    I was walking with my little dog, Mattie, yesterday afternoon and spooked up some Northern Bobwhite Quail. It happened so fast I wasn't able to get a picture and they disappeared almost as fast. But, I was glad to see them because they've become so scarce within the last few years because of fire ant infestation and other factors. I can recall as a small child sitting outside and hearing them call 'Bob-bob-WHITE! I haven't heard their calls in a long time. Hope I see them again soon
  8. Don't recognize this bird

    Still a Blue Jay..you're just not seeing the blue parts and it just happens to have its crest down
  9. How about Wrens...

    Incredible shots everyone! I just love wrens...they are such cute, hyperactive little creatures...and they sing pretty too!
  10. How to deter Brown-headed Cowbirds

    I had this happen to me once and I just took all my feeders down for several days (I know it hard but you can do it! Your 'good' birds won't starve) If you find that you just can't take all your feeders down only put out one or two and make sure they are caged or have no perches so only the smaller birds can get at it. Do not put milo maize out at all...this is attractive to the cow birds and black birds. Try feeding only safflower or whole sunflowers seeds and see if that helps Oh, and don't spread any seed on the ground either...the sparrows and juncos will eat from the cages if they get hungry enough Good luck!
  11. Best Field Guide?

    After seeing all the positive comments on Sibley's field guide I'm going to check into getting one. Peterson's is the only one I've ever had and since birding is simply a hobby for me the Peterson's has been enough. But, I think I might learn something new if I got another field guide in addition to it. Thanks y'all!
  12. No more coon!

    We had a problem like that with possums one year but they would lift the feeders off the hangers and drop them to the ground then go down and eat them! I'm surprised we don't have more problems with squirrels but I guess they have enough acorns what with all the oak trees that don't need the bird seed!
  13. Great Year For Owls

    Sounds like a great year indeed...I am very jealous!
  14. Best Field Guide?

    In my opinion, field guide choice is a matter of personal preference. But, I own a Peterson's guide to Birds of Eastern North America and I love it.
  15. Song Sparrow leg problem.

    Could have been a problem when he was hatching or just one of those freaks of nature. I had a Cardinal a few years ago that only had one leg and it couldn't fly that well. I think it probably got eaten because I haven't seen it since