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  1. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree with the above IDs.
  2. Nice shot!!
  3. I think these are domestic Turkeys. Wild Turkeys tend to have a more bronze tone, and these look too big bodied for wild even though they are fluffed up in display.
  4. Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. Its belly band is a good ID mark.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, Painted Buntings.
  6. Downy. Its bill is too short for a Hairy.
  7. Thanks, psweet. I agree, distinguishing between morphs in Red-tails can be tough, especially with the amount of individual variation in Western Red-tails!
  8. Thanks, psweet. I see it now. So, are we in agreement that it is an intermediate Red-tailed?
  9. Agreed, male and female House Finches, plus a very pretty Cardinal, too!!
  10. Sorry, I forgot to include the location. It was taken about 20 miles SSE of Sacramento in July 2013.
  11. Thank you, S.C. What caused me to wonder is the broad banding on the feathers, which I first thought was the under tail feathers. Now I'm not so sure which feathers they are....under coverts, or,....?????????
  12. Looking through old photos, and thought I remembered this one as an intermediate Red-tailed Hawk. Now I'm second-guessing myself due to the coloration. Thoughts, anyone? 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 005 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  13. I agree, female House Finch.