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  1. Kinda makes you want to cry, huh?
  2. Not a Red-tailed...patigals aren't dark, and no defined belly band. I'm thinking immature Red-shouldered. Tough angle, but looks like light "commas" near the wingtips which would indicate Red-shouldered.
  3. Assuming you are referring to the 1st 2 photos: First one is a Sage Thrasher, 2nd one is a Northern Mockingbird.
  4. Awesome shots!! Looks like Mama wasn't very happy with you taking photos of her babies, though!!
  5. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree with Wild Turkey.
  6. I guess ya just gotta know how to hunker down!!
  7. You're right, JimBob, you and the others. Having never seen a Gray Flycatcher I was in over my head. I also looked closer at the photos and saw the white outer tail feathers, also diagnostic of a Gray, and not an E Phoebe. I agree with Gray Flycatcher.
  8. Hmmmmmmmmm.....I dunno. Looks to me like the photo has been lightened considerably, which could account for it not appearing as dark as an Eastern Phoebe normally would, and to me the beak seems OK for an E Phoebe. Also, according to the range map in Sibley's (I know, not always accurate!) Grays are on the west side of the Rockies, while Weld County, CO is east of the Rockies. Maybe some more input from the OP can help clarify the editing done to the photo.
  9. Agree with JimBob....these look like Lesser Goldfinches. The one in the back, which can be partly seen, has far too much dark for American, and looks good for male Lesser.
  10. This is actually a Yellow-rumped Warbler of the Audubon variety (or subspecies, whichever they're considered now).
  11. Sorry, I didn't catch that you were asking for the one bird in particular. I clicked on the first link then arrowed backwards through your photos!! This one looks like an immature bird, from last years hatch. It already shows a red iris, which makes it a White-faced Ibis also. Sorry if I confused you!
  12. That's an Eastern Phoebe. The dark head, smudgy breast, and yellowish belly are good field marks for this bird.
  13. Agreed!!
  14. What I'm seeing in your photos are White-faced Ibis, which are the only Ibis expected in Colorado.
  15. Welcome to Whatbird!! Agree, juvenile European Starling.