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  1. That was my thought, but I've never seen one here this early in the year before. But then again, I've been seeing other birds earlier than usual, and flowers are blooming earlier than ever before. Guess the climate change is affecting everything!! Thanks, y'all!!
  2. Thanks, y'all. Chipping is what I thought, but....I've been in Calif for almost 15 years, and to my knowledge this is the first Chipping Sparrow I've seen out here!!! Don't know how common they are here, but they've sure stayed hidden from me! I got my lifer Chipping on a trip back to Fla. just a couple of years ago. Thanks again.
  3. Barely got these 2 long shots before it got out of sight. The underwing pattern, light patigals and dark flight feathers, kinda got me wondering!! Taken just outside Sacramento today. IMG_7969-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_7968-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  4. Red-shouldered Hawk in flight....almost!!! IMG_7914-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_7915-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  5. American Robin....sure sign of Spring!! IMG_7958-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_7950-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_7945-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  6. I've got an idea, but not sure on this Sparrow. IMG_7971-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_7970-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  7. Female Anna's, with the short beak and throat patch.
  8. Congrats on the lifer!! Nice shots!!
  9. I'd go with Indigo Bunting. The beak doesn't look heavy enough for a Grosbeak, and the streaking on its breast looks better for a Bunting.
  10. I'm young at heart!! Age ain't nothing but a number!! Seriously, though, I'm thrilled to see so many young birders. Too many young people get a bad rap because of the way news is covered, showing mostly the bad and not near enough of the good. I think it's great that all of y'all youngsters on here are avid bird watchers. I wish more people, young and old, would spend their time birding and less time protesting and demonstrating!
  11. Happy Birthday!!!!
  12. Yep, as well as in the other post.
  13. You got it...immature Coopers Hawk. Thin streaking, blocky head and uneven tail feathers are goo ID marks.
  14. Hard to choose..... Great Blue Heron IMG_7898-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr Cinnamon Teal IMG_7890-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr Red-winged Blackbird IMG_7881-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr