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  1. This is a juvenile intermediate Swainson's Hawk. The white throat, dark patch on breast, white edge on wing feathers, and grayish head are good ID marks for this bird.
  2. Awesome series of photos, Sam!! I also got my lifer Juniper Titmouse there, on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
  3. This is a mature Cooper's Hawk, possibly a parent of the immature you posted above. You can see the difference in the markings on its head and breast from the earlier post.
  4. Photo showing now!! Agree, Black-and-white Warbler. Good ole Flickr!!!
  5. Nice shot, Mike. This is actually an immature Cooper's Hawk, though. Its tail is too long for a Red-shouldered, and a RS Hawk would have a "beefier" look, not as long and slim. EDIT: Also, the breast on a RS Hawk would not have the neat tear-drop shaped streaks this one has. RS has more broken markings, especially the ones in Fla.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird!!! Aveschapines has given you some very good advice. Study and observe, don't get discouraged when you make a mistake, and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. And, there is NO substitute for experience!! Watch closely, and you will pick up on ID marks and characteristics without realizing it. My current wife of 14 years had no birding experience when she met me. She actually didn't know a Robin from a Jay, or a Sparrow from a Quail. Over the years of birding with me she has learned to ID many birds, sometimes from their flight pattern, habitat, overall shape and size, etc., far surpassing what she ever thought she could learn. She is better than I am about IDing birds from their call alone (well, she can hear better than me, and I can see better than her, so we make a pretty good pair of birders together!!). I hope your interest grows, as birding is a very good, healthy hobby. For many people it becomes a life style!! Hope you have many happy years of birding!
  7. The more pictures the better....usually!!
  8. Agree with Sean....looks like a Clark's to me, too There's a bit of white above the eye which you shouldn't see in a Western. EDIT: The yellow bill is also better for Clark's.
  9. Welcome to Whatbird!! Looks like you have a juvenile Western Bluebird. Poor critter!!
  10. Sorry, the photo isn't showing, at least not for me.
  11. Juvenile Western Bluebirds with those spotted backs. Juvie Mountain Bluebirds have a plain back.
  12. It sure does!! Looks like it's sticking its tongue out at the camera!!!
  13. Yes, a Rock Pigeon.
  14. I'd say the look from the Burrowing Owl was enough to make the Jackrabbit run away!! Nice shots!!!