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  1. LOL!

    Funny, mine looks a lot like that when I get up in the mornings!!
  2. sparrow-like bird in Florida

    Yep, Palm Warbler. The rufous crown, dark eye stripe, and yellow tail coverts are good ID marks.
  3. Brown Creeper???

    Agree with Brown Creeper.
  4. song sparrows, crow and a cormorant

    Agree with Common. I thought the tail looked bigger but that could be just the angle of the photo. (And I didn't notice the location !! )
  5. song sparrows, crow and a cormorant

    I agree....how about Boat-tailed Grackle for the last one?
  6. big bird crosses rt 2 in MI UP

    Agree with Sandhill Crane. Congrats on the lifer!!
  7. American Goldfinch?

  8. Looks familar....which WMA was this? I lived in Douglasville Ga for 22 years before moving to Sacramento, and I hunted several north Ga WMAs.
  9. Sure look like a White-tailed Kite to me.
  10. Which Towhee?

    The amount of white on its wings says Spotted to me. And its eye looks red, another Spotted ID mark.
  11. Glacier National Park—Apgar Area

    This is a Common Loon. A Grebe wouldn't have this long heavy bill (with the exception possibly of a Red-necked Grebe, and they have a yellow bill that angles slightly down).
  12. large ant

    Don't know the species, but awesome photos!!!
  13. American Kestrel?

    I agree with psweet....Northern Harrier. And this is a good example of how hard it can be to judge the size of a bird in the field, especially when there is nothing nearby for size comparison. A Northern Harrier is way larger than a Kestrel!!
  14. Confirm Merlin

    Agree with Merlin. Congrats on the lifer!!
  15. Sharp-shinned?

    Sorry I misled you on this. I'll agree with psweet and the others that it's a Cooper. My bad!
  16. Sharp-shinned?

    I could be wrong in saying Sharpie....I see the points y'all made. But how about the dark nape?
  17. Confirmation Needed

    I'm 99.99% sure I have a lifer Pine Siskin!! Lit on my feeder a few minutes ago!! Asking for confirmation since it it a lifer for me. IMG_0366-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_0367-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  18. What did you see today?

    Lifer Pine Siskin, on my feeder!! IMG_0367-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  19. Sharp-shinned?

    Congrats on the lifer!!
  20. Any Lifers?

    Just got a lifer Pine Siskin!! It has been my nemesis bird for several years. It just flew in and landed on my feeder along with Goldfinches and House Finches. IMG_0367-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  21. Confirmation Needed

    Awesome!! Thank you!
  22. Sharp-shinned?

    Looks good for a Sharp-shinned. In the 3rd photo you can see it has a dark nape.