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  1. Recent Raptors

  2. That's sure what it looks like, but I'm far from being an expert on hybrids. Definitely an interesting looking Goose!!
  3. Nuttall's Woodpecker - female?

    Agreed, female Nuttall's.
  4. coopers hawk - immature??

    Agreed. The thin streaking and graduated (uneven) tail feathers are good ID marks for an immature Cooper's.
  5. cassins or house finch

    Triple post.
  6. cassins or house finch

    Triple post.....
  7. cassins or house finch

    Cassin's, with the facial pattern, eye-ring, sparse brown streaking and straight bill.
  8. Whathawk??

    All look good. Nice shots!!
  9. Welcome to Whatbird!! Agree with Horned Lark.
  10. Abert's squirrels

    Cool looking Squirrels!!
  11. Red-Tailed Hawk - Male or Female?

    I don't think there's any way to tell male from female just from looks, they're not sexually dimorphic to my knowledge. if you see a pair together the male will often be a bit smaller than the female. That's the only difference I know of.
  12. What woodpecker is this?

    Agreed, Acorn Woodpecker. No other bird with that facial pattern!
  13. Need help Identifying this bird

    Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, this is a male Lesser Goldfinch.
  14. Bird at my Feeder in Land O Lakes, florida today

    Welcome to Whatbird. Agree with all above....Gray Catbird.
  15. Agree with Pine Warbler. Nice shots!!
  16. Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk?

    The top and bottom photos look good for adult Cooper's, and the center is an immature Cooper's with the thin streaking and graduated tail feathers.
  17. This is an Eastern Fox Squirrel.
  18. Nice shot, Mike! I like the way the setting sun toned the colors.
  19. LOL!

    Puffing out his chest, trying to impress the ladies!!
  20. Nice lists of birds! Looks like it was a good day. I didn't realize that Yellow-billed Magpies were found that far north of Sacramento. I've never seen one farther than 50-60 miles from Sacto. Redding is about 160 miles north of here. Awesome!
  21. I'm sure everyone has some of these. Just when you're sure you're going to get that really good shot...lighting is right, distance is perfect, focus is great, subject is cooperative, etc..... SOMETHING seems to happen!!! Usually, no explaination is needed as the photo tells it all. Nuttall's...Flicker...Mourning Dove..03-26-2018 by Birdbrain14, on Flickr
  22. Nice shot!! Where was this photo taken?
  23. What type of Hawk (Goshawk)

    Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, this is an adult Red-shouldered Hawk.
  24. Grey Bird with Black Face in Central Arizona

    Oops!!! I would blame it on spellcheck but I don't use it. Guess I'll have to blame it on old age!!!
  25. Grey Bird with Black Face in Central Arizona

    Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, Albert's Towhee.