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  1. Thanks for your help, Gis!
  2. Hello, These birds were all seen on Sunset Beach in North Carolina last week Nov 3-12, 2017. I would like confirmation or help with the id's. Is this a Semipalmated Plover? IMG_4431 by Eileen, on Flickr I believe there is more than one species of shorebirds on this shot, more Semipalmated Plovers? IMG_4349 by Eileen, on Flickr Three on this shot, my guess is a Black-bellied Plover, Willet and a Ruddy Turnstone? IMG_4660A by Eileen, on Flickr As always, thanks for the help and replies. EileeninMD
  3. Confirm needed on Tern

    Thank you for your reply, IvoryBillHope
  4. Confirm needed on Tern

    Thank you Gis for your help and reply!
  5. Confirm needed on Tern

    Hello, I was just checking and would like confirmation on this Tern, I believe it is a Forster's Tern. It was seen 11/3/17 on Sunset Beach, North Carolina. IMG_4280 by Eileen, on Flickr Thanks for your help in advance, EileeninMd
  6. Questioning a Flicker

    Thanks, darknight. I thought I may be been off with my id and wishful thinking.
  7. Questioning a Flicker

    Hello, I was recently comparing my Red-shafted and Yellow Shafted Flicker photos when I noticed one looks different than other photos I have. This photo was taken in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas back in 2013. I thought this bird had more of the cinnamon crown which is seen on the Gilded Flicker. I was hoping someone could confirm my Flicker. IMG_3830 by Eileen, on Flickr Thanks always for the help, EileeninMD
  8. Confirm American Pipit?

    Thanks hbvol for the confirmation! Happy Birding!
  9. Hello, I saw this bird and wanted to check on my id, need confirmation. Is this the American Pipit? It was may 2017, near Ocean Shores, Washington State IMG_3347 by Eileen, on Flickr IMG_3348 by Eileen, on Flickr IMG_3349 by Eileen, on Flickr Sorry, I did not get a shot of the front of this bird. Thanks for your help, Eileen in MD
  10. Help with a few Shorebirds

    Hello, thanks for the help with the Sandpipers. Happy Birding!
  11. Help with a few Shorebirds

    Hello,. The legs on the first bird threw me off, I always thought the Yellowlegs looked more yellowish than orange. Thank you for the reply, Eileen
  12. id help with this yellow bird

    Cool capture the three together!
  13. Hello, I need help with a few sandpipers or shorebirds? I saw these shorebirds near the Prettyboy Reservoir in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. today 09/17/17. I believe it is three different birds. There was one taller bird with orange looking legs, one of the others looks like a Yellowlegs and then there was two birds together that were smaller in size. They were seen on the edge of the lake near a cove and mud flats. The photos are not the best, the birds were all a good distance away. Prettyboy_Sandpiper or by Eileen, on Flickr IMG_3334AA by Eileen, on Flickr These two hung out together, they seemed smaller in size than the other two birds. Shorter beak and darker legs? Prettyboy_Shorebird by Eileen, on Flickr IMG_3362A by Eileen, on Flickr This one below looks like the Yellowlegs to me, but I am not sure. I little taller than the two above. IMG_3377 by Eileen, on Flickr This photo below shows all three for comparison? Prettyboy_three differetn birds by Eileen, on Flickr Thanks again for all the help, EileeninMD
  14. Confirmation for a few Warblers

    Hello, I was not sure about # 3. The fall warblers throw me off. Thanks for your reply.
  15. Hello, I am looking for confirmation or help with my id's. These birds are being seen yesterday and today in the woods next to my Maryland house and in my backyard. The birds are loving the devils stick berries. Cape May Warbler IMG_3181A by Eileen, on Flickr Tennessee Warbler IMG_3183A by Eileen, on Flickr Not sure on this one Pine Warbler is my guess IMG_3207A by Eileen, on Flickr Another Cape May Warbler IMG_3210A by Eileen, on Flickr Thanks for any help or confirmations EileeninMD