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  1. Hawk ID Help

    Thanks for the help, and with further looks and some other experts in the state we decided on .............................. Immature Swainson's Hawk. They are found in the western part of the state occasionally, but this may be a pretty good record for SE Louisiana. Getting some crazy stuff down here lately, and this just adds to it.
  2. Hawk ID Help

    We always overlook the obvious! But it is possible this may be a juvie Mississippi Kite and a late record as far as that goes
  3. Hawk ID Help

    Rough-legged crossed my mind is why I wanted some opinions. Could be a red-shouldered, but this (which may also be important) was posted on a tree in the marsh near Leeville. I will put it up on our listserv and see what we can come up with and post back over here. Thanks
  4. Hawk ID Help

    Having trouble calling this a red-tailed for some reason. SE Louisiana last week. Was foggy, I snapped a shot and not happy with red-tailed?
  5. Revisiting a duck

    Yep, 100% female Northern Pintail
  6. What Bird Calls "waa, waa?"

    you said louder than the crows, but are you familiar with Fish Crows? May fit the description
  7. Flycatcher Help

    Coastal Louisiana - for some reason balking at calling this a EW Peewee
  8. shorebird help

    SW Louisiana shorebird - drawing a blank
  9. Unusual white hawk-like bird. Harrier?

    Looks like a male Northern Harrier
  10. That is actually called a Hummingbird Moth, they have an extremely long proboscis for getting nectar
  11. ID Help - New bird to my patio

    d'artanian: "looks like it has been stretched"... Sorta like my gut has gotten over the last 2 years
  12. ID Help - New bird to my patio

    Did you try common grackle. Fits the description well. Grackles have a shiny head and with the light, it is very irridescent
  13. ID Help - New bird to my patio

    Sounds like a Common Grackle
  14. sparrow

    n2gzs: For you guys that have been into it for a while it's not hard. For beginners looking at books and illustrations online it's different. Sometimes the pictures you see don't even show the breast, or the angle doesn't show the little variation in color down the center of the head or the color in the printed page is bad. I'm new to birding and I'm new to this forum. I have always been taught that the only dumb question is the one that you don't ask till it's too late. Maybe that doesn't apply here? You are absolutely right about the dumb questions are the ones not asked. I sometimes look at an obviuos bird and have to do a double take to confirm the ID.This forum is full of informative people and most are very very nice and willing to help ID birds. A couple may come off as arrogant but take it with a grain of salt. I am fairly new myself, and sparrows are very difficult for me. They are little brown birds. Don't get discouraged keep asking questions. In my opinion if you don't have a field guide, get one with drawings and not pictures because like you said the pictures don't normally show all the angles on the bird, whereas an illustration typically shows the distinguishing characteristics of the bird in question.
  15. ID help request

    Are you sure it is not a common nighthawk, souncs very characteristic of them