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  1. Added 3/21/2017; Horned Lark
  2. Added 3/20/2017; Black-crowned Night-Heron
  3. Added 3/19/2017; Wilson's Snipe
  4. Earliest I've had one was the beginning of April & I was pretty surprised with that one. I would imagine the mild weather may have something to do with it.
  5. Wow that is early!
  6. Yup, feel free to add away & welcome!
  7. Added 2/27/2017; American Woodcock Eastern Meadowlark
  8. added 2/22/2017; Winter Wren
  9. Added 2/19/2017; Killdeer
  10. Pretty cool story behind the Grosbeaks!!
  11. All in New Jersey; Whiskered Tern Northern Lapwing (Saw Pink-footed & Barnacle Goose the same day) White-tailed Kite
  12. Late to the party & tough to choose but.... First Year Painted Bunting by Greg Miller, on Flickr Rock Wren by Greg Miller, on Flickr Lark Bunting by Greg Miller, on Flickr
  13. Nice! Where did you see the Snowy? Only heard of a few this winter.
  14. Added; Cackling Goose Golden-crowned Kinglet Razorbill
  15. Added; Iceland Gull Rusty Blackbird