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  1. Any Lifers?

    Over the weekend, I got to see a Black-legged Kittiwake in south Chicago. I'm actually glad I didn't get any photos of it, because it only showed for about 30 seconds. Instead of messing with my camera (which I admittedly do too often), I got great satisfying looks at it through my bins.
  2. Yellow-rumped Warbler intergrade?

    Thanks for the info as always, psweet.
  3. I saw this bird in mid October in Putnam Co. Illinois. The throat looks noticeably yellow, but it doesn't look like an Audubon's. Could this be a Myrtle x Audubon's?
  4. Any Lifers?

    Unexpected lifer Golden Eagle this morning!
  5. Sandpiper

    Ah, it’s a juvenile. It looked different from the other Sanderlings it was with, so that threw me off. Thanks!
  6. blue-grey gnatcatcher?

    I agree with Swainson's.
  7. Sandpiper

    Is this a Baird's? Taken today in northeast Illinois.
  8. Taken Sept 26 in Chicago, IL. I'm thinking this is an American Golden-Plover. Earlier that day, I saw a Black-bellied that I almost called an AMGP, so I want to be sure about this one.
  9. Yellow-throated Vireo?

    This looks like a Northern Parula. Yellow-throated Vireo would have a greenish head instead of a blue-gray head, would have yellow spectacles instead of that broken white eye ring, and would lack the dark band across the throat.
  10. Agree with Tennessee Warbler. Glad it made it!
  11. BTG Warbler ?

    Black-throated Green Warbler is correct.
  12. Sparrow ID - Alabama

    Indigo Bunting was my first thought. The bill and the small rounded head look right for INBU, and juveniles can certainly have that fine streaking on the chest. Also, (maybe it's just my ignorance speaking) I'm not aware of juvenile sparrows in the Eastern US that have faces that plain/unmarked.
  13. I'm thinking Cooper's on this one, but I'm not sure. Least? Both photos were taken this morning in Chicago, IL.
  14. Shorebird in Cordroy, Newfoundland

    I considered Red-necked Stint, but the bill looks too long and thick; it seems to fit Sanderling better.
  15. Shorebird in Cordroy, Newfoundland

    Sanderling in breeding plumage.