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  1. Bird following an Eagle

    That is possible. I have been told one is regularly seen in the area. Thanks.
  2. I was taking a picture of an eagle yesterday when this other bird photobombed my picture. Trying to identify it. It seem to have a striped tail, and barring on the wings.
  3. Sparrow-like birds

    Lincolns have regularly been seen in our area.
  4. Central PA: 1. Type of sparrow? 2. Song or Lincoln's? 3. House Finch female? 4. Sparrow? Thrush? Sorry for bad photo.
  5. Type of Sparrow?

    Is it a juvenile or something?
  6. Type of Sparrow?

    Today, South Central PA:
  7. Southwestern PA, yesterday: Sorry, gulls weren't really close, so pictures aren't great. At least I think they're gulls. Wren - wasn't sure which type. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  8. South Central PA: 1. Bird of prey - type? 2. Yellow Warbler? Other? 3. Common Yellowthroat?
  9. South Central PA: 1. Is this a grackle or a blackbird? 2. Northern Mockingbird? 3. Female oriole of some sort? 4. Great crested flycatcher? 5. What type of flycatcher?
  10. Three from Today in PA

    I don't suppose if I saw it skim the water and fly off with a fish that it would verify it as a fish crow? Or do all crows do that?
  11. South Central PA, Today: 1. Type of warbler? Sorry, couldn't get photo lighter. 2. Type of swallow? 3. Raven or crow?