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  1. Thanks.
  2. SW PA, today, What type of flycatcher?
  3. Today, South Central PA:
  4. South Central PA, #1 from today, #2 from yesterday 1. Type of yellowlegs? 2. Least Sandpiper? or Other?
  5. Very possible. Saw those around.
  6. All forest habitat: 1. 2. 3.
  7. South Central PA: 1. Black throated blue warbler? 2. Yellow rumped warbler male? 3.???
  8. Thanks.
  9. SW PA: 1. Is this a prothonotary warbler? 2. What type of hawk? 3. Crow or Raven?
  10. SW PA, today. The first one was from a wetland. The other two in a forest. 1. 2. 3. I did repeat the sound 3 times, they weren't repeated by the birds themselves that quickly.
  11. Thanks.
  12. SW PA, Sunday: 1. House wren?
  13. SW PA, Sunday: 1. Yellow warbler female or prothonotary? 2. Baltimore oriole or orchard? 3. Solitary sandpiper? 4. No idea
  14. Is there any way I can rule out Saw Whet Owl?
  15. Recorded In Huntingdon PA 9:30 PM, 4-16-17. There is a repeated sound of "something"; it was dark and I couldn't tell what, but it was loud enough to hear from what I sensed was at least a block away. Pardon the car driving by in the middle of the clip. Also there is about a minute where it stops after the car but then it starts up again, and it is possible that sound is clearer than the beginning.