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  1. 1. Yellow rumped warbler? 2. Juvenile white crowned sparrow? 3. Possible juvenile blackbird of some sort?
  2. Bird sound in PA

    The first note seemed like a C and the second note was a C above (this is my guess when I got a keyboard out but it might have been lower than an octave like a G but it was higher than the first note). Both notes were about the same length in time. Neither very long. Actually the two note sequence seemed to be repeated once back to back, do-BEE do-BEE. Then a pause, then another do-BEE do-BEE.
  3. Bird sound in PA

    Too whistle-y. The notes were clear notes.
  4. Bird sound in PA

    It didn't sound like either. The titmouse sounds like "peterpeterpeter" and the carolina wren also had too many notes, and too fast. This bird was enunciating much more slowly, and it really sounded like just the 2 notes repeated only 2 times.
  5. Bird sound in PA

    What bird sounds like it might be saying, "do-BEE, do-BEE" ??? I hear it in town all the time, not sure if I've heard it elsewhere. But definitely while I'm in the house with the window open, or the backyard.
  6. It has a darker beak, so I wasn't sure.
  7. Several to ID from Today, in PA

    My hopes have gone from elated to dashed.
  8. 1. Northern Parula? 2. ??? 3. ??? 4. ???
  9. Bird following an Eagle

    That is possible. I have been told one is regularly seen in the area. Thanks.
  10. I was taking a picture of an eagle yesterday when this other bird photobombed my picture. Trying to identify it. It seem to have a striped tail, and barring on the wings.