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  1. Is there any way I can rule out Saw Whet Owl?
  2. Recorded In Huntingdon PA 9:30 PM, 4-16-17. There is a repeated sound of "something"; it was dark and I couldn't tell what, but it was loud enough to hear from what I sensed was at least a block away. Pardon the car driving by in the middle of the clip. Also there is about a minute where it stops after the car but then it starts up again, and it is possible that sound is clearer than the beginning.
  3. Sorry, seemed to have posted twice.
  4. Sunday, SW PA: Are these Bonaparte's Gulls?
  5. Sunday, SW PA: Are these Bonaparte's Gulls?
  6. SW PA, today: I know this picture isn't great...
  7. There was a long tail seen in the vicinity recently. No other shots, unfortunately.
  8. Well, I said "sort of" honked. I don't really know my bird sounds as well as I should, nor do I know other terminologies for sounds. It made a sound.
  9. SW PA, Today: 1. Type of duck? (the one the arrow is pointing at) 2. Tundra swan?
  10. I have seen hundreds of Canada Geese. This wasn't one. My first impression was migrating Sandhill Crane. The darkness of the wing is a photo artifact (if there can be one in such a bad photo). The bird wasn't really dark. Could have been a trumpeter swan? The neck was awfully long.
  11. SW PA, today: This bird was sort of honking as it flew over. It had a very very long neck, and my stupid camera wouldn't focus and I didn't have a chance for a second one. Is anyone good with shapes?
  12. Today, SW PA. Birds in front are coots, bird to the right a horned grebe, what is the circled bird?
  13. Accidentally hit the button again.
  14. Thanks.
  15. South Central PA, Today: What type of grebe? (these are three different birds from the group I saw)