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  1. Accidentally hit the button again.
  2. South Central PA, Today: What type of grebe? (these are three different birds from the group I saw)
  3. 1. What type of swan? 2. What type of mergansers? Are they mergansers?
  4. Anyone good at identifying ducks from a distance? Best shots I could get. South Western PA, Sunday. 1. Mergansers? 2. ??? 3. ???
  5. South Western PA, this past Sunday. Is this a Northern Harrier? These are the best shots I could get.
  6. Found it in a forest where there are at least 3 kinds of owls - Great Horned, Barred, and Screech, but I am sure it is too big to be a Screech owl feather.
  7. Is it possible to ID the bird this feather came from?
  8. Thanks.
  9. South Central PA, Today: 1. House or Winter Wren? 2. Red breasted nuthatch?
  10. South Western PA, today: 1. Verify: snow bunting (lifer) 2. Horned Lark 3. ??? 4. Type of hawk? 5. ???
  11. Thanks.
  12. South Western PA, Today: 1. Mallards? Are these all mallards in this row? 2. Common Mergansers? 3. ???