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  1. Hi all, Taken south of Phoenix at the end of January. Two different birds, but I think both Vesper Sparrows.(?) thanks
  2. Hi all, Caught this sparrow in November at the Salton Sea. My guess is a Song.
  3. can I get a second on these...... thanks Greenmagpie!
  4. Bump for help. Should I repost so as not to offend anyone? Sorry for the levity.
  5. These tanagers have a different girth than the orioles. Not a feminine trait you should comment on. Again in SW FL this past week.
  6. caught a couple of Orioles in SW FL this past week if I were to guess, one of them would get offended
  7. Hi all, Taken in southern AZ last month. House?
  8. Sorry, this is not a definitive method for determining gender in hummers.
  9. The last bird does not look like a Black-chinned to me. You cannot tell the species or gender of the rufous/Allen's shots you have although I agree with psweet on the probabilities.
  10. Hi all, Taken in southern Arizona about a month ago. Winter Wren?
  11. bump to ID the second bird THANKS!
  12. A different bird....
  13. Sadly all I saw was gray with some yellow. Nothing like the Sybley's. I am sure there is a lot of light interferance in this shot. The broken eye ring matches your call. Thanks as usual.
  14. Hi all, Please validate what I think is a Plumbeous Vireo caught in southern AZ last week.
  15. lifebird! That was the fifth time to get that bird, it was my latest nemesis. Thanks