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  1. birds east of Phoenix, Boyce Thompson

    Thanks for the ID. You can remove the feral as the ABA has recognized the RFLO.
  2. An hour east of Phoenix sits Boyce Thompson Arboretum. I had a great time birding there on Friday and have the following questions: Bird #1A Bird #1b Bird #2 Bird #3 Bird #4, this flycatcher was distinctively flicking its tail like a Gray, but it seems to have too much coloration
  3. yardbird list going up

    As any bird list goes up, the rate of increase lowers. Yardbird #101 Warbling Vireo Yardbird #102 Costa's Hummingbird, my 6th hummer. Yardbird #103 Black-throated Gray Warbler, male first, female second
  4. female Yellow Warbler

    Taken today in my yard.
  5. Plumbeous Vireo

    Hi all, Pls validate Plumbeous Vireo taken today in the yard. Great birding day at home with a beer!
  6. Ferruginous

    Please validate Ferruginous. Taken a month ago in SW Colorado.
  7. Calling all Hummer Lovers!

    Sad that this topic isn't more popular. FowlContent #78 Rufous Hummingbird
  8. I was doing a search and ran across your posting. I like the shot. To answer your question, it is unusual. Standard hummer molt of rectrices is from the inside out in opposite pairs. But there is variation of all of them, or just one side. I have heard comments about it being the result of injury like a cat attack, but I have an entire collection of what I call potatoes, kids without tails.
  9. That's odd

    Caught a couple of asymmetrical molts. First is a Rufous, second is a Black-chinned. Both young males.
  10. California Vireo

    You may become more popular if you did not agree with the OP. I obviously would like something different. Throw us a bone once in a while. Actually, very grateful for help from this forum. THANKS
  11. House Finch

    a second bird...
  12. California Vireo

    Taken a week ago north of San Francisco. I am going to guess Cassin's.
  13. House Finch

    Taken north of San Francisco last week. House Finch NOT?
  14. Common tern

    Hi all, Taken last week in San Francisco. I think a Common Tern based on the tail and crown. Is the feather on the right side of the tail unusual?
  15. Western Wood-Pewee

    Hi all, Taken a couple of weeks ago in SW Colorado. I think all birds are WEWPs. thanks