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  1. Hi all, Taken in southern AZ last month. House?
  2. Sorry, this is not a definitive method for determining gender in hummers.
  3. The last bird does not look like a Black-chinned to me. You cannot tell the species or gender of the rufous/Allen's shots you have although I agree with psweet on the probabilities.
  4. Hi all, Taken in southern Arizona about a month ago. Winter Wren?
  5. bump to ID the second bird THANKS!
  6. A different bird....
  7. Sadly all I saw was gray with some yellow. Nothing like the Sybley's. I am sure there is a lot of light interferance in this shot. The broken eye ring matches your call. Thanks as usual.
  8. Hi all, Please validate what I think is a Plumbeous Vireo caught in southern AZ last week.
  9. lifebird! That was the fifth time to get that bird, it was my latest nemesis. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Taken today south of Phoenix. Hoping for the best! thanks in advance
  11. what is the white stuff it landed on?
  12. lifebird, thanks!
  13. Hi all, Taken this past week at Lake Perris. Thanks
  14. Very well said guys, thanks
  15. Hi all, Took this a couple of weeks ago at the Salton Sea (SE California) thanks for your help