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  1. blackbird

    Hi all, I'm thinking this is a female Brewer's Taken in southern Arizona two weeks ago.
  2. Allen's Vs Rufous

    the wings are very different between species (rufous/Allen's)
  3. two PHX sparrows

    thanks in advance, you guys are great Both caught a couple of weeks ago The bird in the background is a White-crowned Sparrow. My guess on the front bird is a Brewer's due to the lack of dark lores on a Chipping. I'll go with Chipping on this one.
  4. Chipping Sparrow?

    You are killing me with your bird humor
  5. Pipit-like, but not a pipit

    not if it was in SF
  6. Hairy vs Downy

    agreed Nice Pinyon Jay you have.
  7. Pipit-like, but not a pipit

    right family I think a Brewer's not a Red-winged
  8. Taken a week ago in Phoenix
  9. AZ longspur

    I need to bump this as Chestnut-collared would be a lifer.
  10. AZ longspur

    Hi all, Another attempt at a lifebird. Any takers? Taken in S AZ a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Hammond's Dusky Gray

    For a discussion..... if I recall, Hammond's-Dusky-Gray are three flycatchers that look very similar. The Gray is easy in the field as it pumps its tail. If that one is excluded, I think the Hammond's has a longer wing projection than the Dusky. If all of this is correct, I believe this is a Hammond's(?)
  12. meadowlark

    Hi all, Taken a couple of weeks ago in southern AZ. Both meadowlarks were seen there. I think eastern.
  13. That's odd

    this is the second tick shot and both are Bewick's
  14. That's odd

    and a full crop(?)
  15. longspur

    thanks, really a poor result but a lifebird there had been two other species there but conditions were brutal, at least that is the excuse for low count and bad photo