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  1. In a friend's backyard. This should be a Downy but the red looks like it is in front not in back. Any chance it could be something else?
  2. Dickcissel? Goldfinch? https://goo.gl/photos/uM6gkWXYi7SEjEqj6
  3. This is a Song Sparrow, yes? From bird id Jun 7, 2015 Is this a Savannah? Or also a Song Sparrow? From bird id Jun 7, 2015 Thanks.
  4. Thanks for info. Trying to figure out how to use BBcode in Picasa. TBC... BBcode attempt From bird id Jun 7, 2015 Ok, that looks about right, yes?
  5. Thanks for ID and advice. I've been just pasting the cropped image directly into the post and that seems to have been working. Any problem with that? I haven't uploaded a photo in a long time because of the space issue. Usually I use a link for additional photos of the same bird. Not familiar with BBcode. In the editor, would I use the link icon or the image icon?
  6. I'm thinking it is too early for new TVs so this is probably a BV? The horizontal pose and body size looks more like TV to me tho. Any wisdom?
  7. Yellow-rumped Warbler? Brown-Headed Cowbirds? Not sure these are all the same birds. Female? Male?
  8. Indian Silverbill. Thanks for the tip. Response was instantaneous.
  9. Thanks darknight I will do that.
  10. Images of immature hawfinch I agree do not fit that well - no streaking. Not sure Scaly-breasted is much better - no scaliness. But I am complete unexpert on this. It has to be something. Anyone know a European resource that might positively ID? And thanks for looking at this and commenting!
  11. Thx.
  12. Hmmm. Not Greenfinch, having looked at more pictures. Pictures of Scaly breasted Munia are similar. Maybe an escaped bird? Any other ideas?