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    iBird Journal app

    Still no news on journal for android? This is the only thing I miss after switching from iPhone to android.
  2. Podna86

    What would you like to see us add to Journal

    No worries for the long answer. As for the sex of the birds... For example in a couple of my lists I have seen both male and female Northern Harriers or Northern Cardinals. Currently, as far as I have figured out, I have to do an entry for the males and a separate entry for the females. In one case I saw 3 male cardinals and 3 females. Would it be possible or too complicated to be able to select in the advanced form, that both male and female were seen and how many of each? Currently, I can only check one or the other or undetermined. I cannot check both male and female differentiating that I saw both of the sexes. Another idea I had would be a default master/life list. Currently when you are in a list you can sort it by species rather than date. You click on the species and it lists all of the observations/entries of that species that are in this list. What would be nice would be a master species list that is automatically populated with each species entered. When you click on the species it would open and show you all of your observations for that species across all of your lists. This would eliminate the need to copy individual entries manually but make it easy to see a total of species seen.
  3. Podna86

    Missing Species

    Thanks Bigfoot, I figured it was something like that.
  4. Podna86

    Missing Species

    I completely realize that there is no way to get every single species, but is there a chance that more will be added in future updates. Still adding species into the journal and I cannot find a common moorhen. I have searched by both common and scientific names. If anyone has any suggestions of another name to search for it under, I am all ears. If anyone has also had this problem, how did you reconcile adding the bird into your iJounal list. I have seen more than a few where I live so I will have this problem in the future. Thanks!
  5. Podna86

    Copying observation to different lists

    Flyby, I agree with you comletely, I mentioned it in another thread. I am putting in my birding records since 2007. I have a lot to go and don't really want to add each one manually to each list.
  6. Podna86

    What would you like to see us add to Journal

    I just started adding in all of my lists to iBird Journal and have noticed a couple of things that would make things smoother. The first, and maybe I just haven't figured it out yet, it would be nice to have an easier way to add birds to multiple lists. For example, I have my life list and then several other lists like Ornithology Class, Birding 201, Spring Bird Count etc. So far as I can tell, I have to manually add a bird to each list. In the advanced page you can check which list to add it too but you can add it to only one. Second, under the sex option, I have to add it as male then add a whole new entry for the females. It would be nice if there was a way to distinguish both on the one entry. If I actually can do these things and am getting it wrong, please let me know. I am having fun consolidating all of my lists and I don't want to do it wrong.