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  1. What type of scaup?

    Thank you! Much appreciated and very infomative
  2. What type of scaup?

    I saw these birds flying near the Statue of Liberty and Liberty State Park. Is it possible to determine if these are Greater or Lesser Scaup? I thought Greater because of the length of the white stripe on the underwing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I saw these birds yesterday at Liberty State park in Jersey City. I think I have ID's but any help confirming would be greatly appreciated: 1. Male Red breasted merganser 2. Female red breasted merganser 3. Horned grebes 4. Some type of scoter, white winged maybe?
  4. Please help confirm this ID

    Thank you all! Much appreciated!
  5. I saw this bird near St. Louis at a nature preserve in October. I'm from New Jersey, and I think this is a belted kingfisher, but since I was out of my normal area, I just wanted to confirm. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I saw this bird this week at the Avalon Sea Watch in NJ. Maybe a juvenile? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Please help me identify these shore birds

    Is it possible this is one, mixed in with some black scoters?
  8. I took this picture at the Avalon Sea in NJ watch this week. I believe I recognize some male Surf Scoters at the back of the line here, are they all surf scoters?
  9. Please help confirm this shorebird

    Yes, I love that!
  10. I took these pics this week at the Avalon SeaWatch in NJ. Are these white-winged scoters?
  11. I took these pictures at the Avalon Sea Watch in NJ this week. I always struggle with these breeds... but I believe this is a sanderling in non-breeding plumage. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Please help me identify this shore bird

    Thank you! That's a new one for me
  13. I saw this bird this week by the Avalon Sea Watch near Cape May NJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated.