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  1. Canary? - Masai Mara, September 14, 2017
  2. Taken on September 8th, 2017 - at the Ark Hotel in Aberdare National Park Looks like Miombo Double-collared Sunbird but that appears to be way out of range.
  3. #1 - Kenya - 9-10-17 - Amboselli Lodge #2 - 9-12-17 - Ol Pejeta Lodge
  4. IDs from Utah

    Yellow Warbler?? Horned Lark?? Western Wood Peewee?? Unknown??
  5. Hummingbird in Utah

    Seen August 2 - Provo, UT Black-chinned??
  6. IDs from Wyoming

    Need a couple of confirmation ID from Fremont, WY - 11-9-16 Common Raven?? Red-tailed Hawk?? Perched Rough-legged Hawk?? Flying Trumpeter Swan??
  7. Warbler in South Carolina

    Warbler seen today 10-18-16 in Columbia, SC
  8. Hawk in Texas

    Travis County. TX 4-22-2016 Red-tailed vs Swainson's
  9. Any Lifers?

    Added bronzed Cowbird, Pacific Golden-Plover and Franklin's Gull
  10. Hawk in Texas

    Sorry changed post - but that was a black-whiskered vireo
  11. Hawk in Texas

    Travis county Texas 4-22-2016 Red Tailed vs Swainson's
  12. Shorebirds in Austin Texas

    Seen today in Travis County Texas 1. White-rumped Sandpiper? 2. Baird's Sandpiper? 3. Least Sandpiper Thanks for your help
  13. Any Lifers?

    Nice trip to Nassau, Bahamas Bananaquit Bahama Woodstar Loggerhead Kingbird Sulfur-crested Cockatoo Pied Imperial Pigeon Cuban Grassquit Red-legged Thrush Greater Antillean Bullfinch Thick-billed Vireo Caribbean Dove White-cheeked Pintail
  14. Any Lifers?

    ABA #399 - Zenaida Dove ABA #400 - Black-faced Grassquit Both today at Long Key State Park in Florida