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  1. Gull(s)?

    Thanks psweet - Ring-billed gull was certainly the most prevalent bird in the area (Herring and Great Black-backed were around too). And thanks too for the ID tip - I didn't realize there was so much variation in juvenile/immature gulls (= might be time for a Gull book!).
  2. Gull(s)?

    Can anyone help with these ID's? Sorry about the heavily cropped and sharpened pics, it's all I've got. 2nd pic has been run through the Camera Shake Reduction filter in Photoshop. Oct 5th, over the St. Lawrence River near Wellesley Island, Upstate NY. Any/all thoughts appreciated! John
  3. Least or Semipalmated?

    OK Matth, douginBC - thanks for your help. John
  4. Least or Semipalmated?

    Need help with this ID from Plymouth, MA on 8/10. Thanks, John
  5. Thrush?

    Thanks, that would be a good bird for the area!
  6. Thrush?

    Looking for help with this ID. Lehigh County, PA. Yesterday, 5/1. Thanks.
  7. Bombay Hook Birds

    Thanks all, for the ID's, and BigOly for the good advise too. Looks like Dunlin ruled the day!
  8. Bombay Hook Birds

    As promised, here are some pics from Bombay Hook, DE on April 30. Need help with most (all) - Thanks! 1) Dunlin and a few others? 2) Doesn't strike me as a Yellowlegs? 3) Short-billed Dowitcher and Greater Yellowlegs? 4) Black-bellied Plover (or?) and...? 5) Willet? 6) Dowitcher again?
  9. Delaware Shorebird?

    OK BigOly - thanks - I will post new pics in new thread(s). Most are of only slightly better quality. Still I do hope you don't regret it! These are (for me at least) very challenging!
  10. Delaware Shorebird?

    Thanks EVERYONE for all the input on this - I know it's a terrible pic! I'm land-locked in PA and hardly ever get to see shorebirds. So on a recent trip to Rehobeth Beach, I was all set to get some great pics - didn't realize how far away these types of birds could be! FYI, Willet is a lifer for me! THANKS again for the help. And, be forewarned - I have a bunch of other pics (mostly from Bombay Hook) that I'll be looking for help with...
  11. Delaware Shorebird?

    Pic from April 28, at Cape Henlopen, DE. I know there's probably not much to go on here, but hope someone can toss out a few possibilities. Thanks.
  12. Dark Head & Eye ring?

    OK S.C. - Thanks.
  13. Dark Head & Eye ring?

    Wondering if this bird can be ID'd from this pic? Thinking warbler with dark head, and prominent eye ring, but nothing's coming to mind as a good fit. Today in Lehigh County, PA.
  14. Warbler? Eastern PA.

    Thanks, I was leaning toward Bay-breasted, but wanted some conformation - it's a good bird for my part of the state!
  15. Warbler? Eastern PA.

    Can anyone help ID this bird? Today in Eastern PA. Thanks.