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  1. Semi Pal Sandpiper vs Western SP

    Ahh...Thank you
  2. This bird was seen two weeks ago at Waukegan harbor,same day a western pal was seen, I am thinking this is a Semi Palm Sp unless someone tells me different... IMG_7830 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  3. Califfornia Jay?

    Thanks PSWEET
  4. Califfornia Jay?

    I always thought this was a Woodhouse Scrub Jay, but now thinking California Scrub Jay. I was photographed in the Mt Charleston Lodge area (mary Jane Falls up high) in early June Please advise..... IMG_7273 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  5. 1). Piping Plover-Seen Waukegan Harbor, IL8 3 17 IMG_7790 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 2). Coopers-Seen earlier this Morning Rollins Savannah NE IL IMG_8006 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 3). Bobolink-Seen earlier this Morning Rollins Savannah NE IL IMG_7866 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 4). can't place it??? IMG_8047 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  6. another Kinglet

    Well, In that case, 'undetermined"it is Thanks again all!
  7. Brown bird with a fancy face

  8. another Kinglet

    Ok, thanks all!!!!
  9. Costa's Hummer

    Yes... Sorry sweet, I was in Vegas again, Mt Charleston Nevada....Thanks all for your input/Knowledge
  10. Costa's Hummer

    Sor, I have added 1 photo of the same bird and then 3 other birds, could use your expertise on all if you care to, thanks...Hope the extra photos help
  11. another Kinglet

    No ,I am sorry, this is the only photo of this bird....
  12. another Kinglet

    any other input, now I am more confused than before???
  13. Costa's Hummer

    All Mt Charleston a few weeks back. Would you say this has a slightly curved bill? I have edited this post to add three other Hummers seen at the same location for comparable and also confirmation. All these birds were seen within 30 minutes of each other at the feeders...any and all help is appreciated 1a) IMG_7198 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 1B) IMG_7192 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 2a). IMG_7181 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 2b). IMG_7182 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 3a). IMG_7170 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 3b). IMG_7168 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 4a). IMG_7161 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 4B). IMG_7160 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  14. another Kinglet

    Vegas Desert early June...Thanks in advance IMG_7317 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  15. last two unknowns from Vegas Mountains