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  1. mwplsrbella

    Bird Versus Dragonfly

  2. mwplsrbella

    Seeking help with swallows in Nevada

  3. mwplsrbella

    3 lifer, two confirms and a Hmmm

    Paul: I never noticed this request before. I went ahead and forwarded all the pertinent Information along with a number of photos. Pleased to help. Thanks for the Link. Please always feel free to reach out for any reason or request. regards, Mike W Petersen mwplsrbella@yahoo.com
  4. sounds good, Thanks so much!!!
  5. Lomas De Barbudal, Just north of Palo Verde
  6. A second Bird I have having a hard time getting, Please help???
  7. I was thinking warbler but cannot place it, then I was thinking Tropical Gnatcatcher and the color seems off but could just be the lighting. Please help!! Thanks IMG_9202 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  8. mwplsrbella

    is this a Wilsons Plove

    TY PSWEET, that helps!
  9. mwplsrbella

    is this a Wilsons Plove

  10. mwplsrbella

    is this a Wilsons Plove

    I saw this bird down in Tamarindo Costa Rica but since it is also a, North American bird thought I would post it here. The collar and large/thick bill led me to Wilsons, though my guide tried to tell me it was a sanderling...any help would be appreciated...thanks!!!
  11. mwplsrbella

    Semi Pal Sandpiper vs Western SP

    Ahh...Thank you
  12. This bird was seen two weeks ago at Waukegan harbor,same day a western pal was seen, I am thinking this is a Semi Palm Sp unless someone tells me different... IMG_7830 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  13. mwplsrbella

    Califfornia Jay?

    Thanks PSWEET
  14. mwplsrbella

    Califfornia Jay?

    I always thought this was a Woodhouse Scrub Jay, but now thinking California Scrub Jay. I was photographed in the Mt Charleston Lodge area (mary Jane Falls up high) in early June Please advise..... IMG_7273 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  15. 1). Piping Plover-Seen Waukegan Harbor, IL8 3 17 IMG_7790 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 2). Coopers-Seen earlier this Morning Rollins Savannah NE IL IMG_8006 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 3). Bobolink-Seen earlier this Morning Rollins Savannah NE IL IMG_7866 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 4). can't place it??? IMG_8047 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr