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  1. These are my last two unknowns from my Vegas Trip (Besides the Hummers to come later). They were both taken up at Mary Jane falls in early June of this year. Both tough pics but please let me know what you think? Thanks 1A).IMG_7102 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 1B).IMG_7103 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr 2).IMG_7156d by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  2. NE IL last early May-I'm thinking warbling Vireo??? IMG_6879a by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  3. NICE! I too a look at some of your Pics. VERY NICE, what kind of camera do you shoot with?
  4. The gape was what got me thinking Neo, then I checked and noticed that one had been hanging around this place, even though the range was, I figured maybe this was it, if's a lifer! as so many of the birds out west are for me:}
  5. Floyd Lamb park, Las Vegas early June. IMG_6917 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  6. Corn creek Las Vegas Early June---Thanks for the help IMG_7007 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr IMG_7010 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  7. I thought when I first saw this bird up at Deer Creek picnic area a few weeks back up near Mt. Charleston, that it was a Cassins'. Now that I have done my research I feel 95% that I am correct and it is, indeed, Cassins' Finch. Please Confirm IMG_7207 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr IMG_7209 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  8. Corn creek Las Vegas 3 week ago, I think I got these right, first sighting for me of either bird so just some confirmation please.. IMG_7336 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  9. Thanks Bird Brain. That makes sense!!
  10. This was taken 3 weeks ago in the vegas Mountains....Hmmmm IMG_7315 by mwplsrbella1, on Flickr
  11. I will do so going forward. Thanks for the feedback. I sure wish Whatbird allowed more space, I can only have maybe three pics at a time.
  12. Noble, thanks for the feedback. I used to keep the photos up for a bit but it seems that What bird has been crunching on the amount of space one can have on the website at one time. It only allows me to have maybe three pics at a time on the site. I will try to be more patient with my own needs to know what my photos are in the future.