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  1. Is it possible to sync iBird Journal to an iPad and iPhone? I would like to be able to sync both my wife's iPhone and my iPhone plus each of our iPads so that we are using the same sighting list.
  2. Looking for honest reviewers

    I also would like to help. You have a great app in iBird and IBird Joural and would love to review it. I also have the full Audubon for iPad and it pales in comparison. We have an iPad 1 ( soon to be upgraded to latest version for 60th birthday) , iPad 2 and two iPhone 5s plus Windows and Mac platforms. Retired from IT 10 years ago the wife retired from Intel and is a great writer!
  3. My wife and I each have an iPad and iPhone 5 is there someway to sync the Journal between all our devices? Thanks Allen Great program!