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  1. iBird Pro 7.x for Android

    I've been using 3.1 for quite a while. loving it lots..
  2. Hello, would anyone know how to transfer IBird Pro and Yard Pus to a new cell phone, without having to pay for these again? Thank You, Norman Email: nbeaulac@comcast.net
  3. Need Bird ID

    This didn't not look like an everyday visitor, any help would be appreciated... Best pic I could get before it flew off in a tree... Thanks much... Found the answer, it's a Juvenile European Starling and quite possibly just recently fledged..
  4. Post your interesting combo photos....

    Curlybird: Beautiful shots, Norman!! Love that goldfinch one the best! Thank, much appreciated... I took many of these two and followed them around my yard a bit...
  5. Birds of prey share yours

    Red Tail Hawk
  6. Backyard Birds

  7. It is a Cardinal in molt..
  8. Blue Jays and Notheast Cardinals

    Well, I'm from Southern New Hampshire and have Blue Jays in my yard all the time... They seem to get along with all the other birds... I see them frequently eat from the seed droppings with Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Sparrows etc...
  9. Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Bird?

    Definitely a Green Heron... I had 3 of these in my yard the last week off July every day...
  10. 3 Massachusetts Beach Birds

    Your second and third pics came out well... I just found out a few weeks ago through my New Hampshire Fish and Game Newsletter, that these are on the endangerd speceies list on the NH coast... http://www.fws.gov/plover/
  11. Too many finches

    Nice captures but that last one looks a bit different... The beak is not the same...
  12. Is this what I think it is?

    Definitely a juve..
  13. what species raven?

    This is a Great Tail Grackle
  14. Weird Bird.

    Another vote for turkey vulture..