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  1. Thanks I wasn't sure and the color (or lack of) is throwing me off. There was dozens of swallows flying around (Tree, Barn and Bank). I guess I can add Cliff to the list
  2. Looks like a Common Grackle to me
  3. ID help? by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr
  4. I believe I mostly have Lesser Yellowlegs here but hoping someone can pick out what else is here. Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for your help
  6. Could the first bird be a Pectoral Sandpiper?
  7. my mistake. sorry
  8. A couple shorebirds found around Barrie Ontario today For ID by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr For ID by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr For ID by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr Lesser Yellowlegs? Lesser Yellowlegs? by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr
  9. I have only received one email today from the "Help Me ID a bird" forum. I can handle one every once in a while. At the bottom of this page though I have the "Notify me of replies" option turned on and received no notification.
  10. The "round forehead" has confuse me in the past as well. Not a very good trait to ID them on. These all look like Trumpeters to me
  11. I have tried that but one section is still forcing me to choose an option and "no emails" is not an option. I have picked the "one email per week" option yet still receive dozens daily
  12. What happened? I have been on this forum for a couple years and had no problems. I did not want any email notifications as I could come on here and check when I had time. All of a sudden I started getting 30-50 emails a day. When I go into settings, I changed it to "one email a week" as that seemed like the only option to stop the barrage of emails. Didn't work. Still getting tens of them daily. I don't really want to cancel my membership here, but I am not going to keep going through this daily. I want NO emails. Thank you
  13. Thanks. That's 2 lifers!
  14. I don't know my shorebirds at all. We don't get a lot in Parry Sound. I took these pics in Wasaga Beach today. Any help would be appreciated 1. ??? a8915 by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr 2. Sanderling? a8845 by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr 3. Solitary Sandpiper? Was very tiny a8793 by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr 4. Greater Yellowlegs? a8655 by Rick J. Baker, on Flickr
  15. There was a few White-crowned nearby. Wish I could've got a better pic. Thanks for the help