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  1. Thanks CrimsonCrow. I no longer use Checklists. While there are some advantages, on balance I found Lists more robust for me. Randy
  2. Version 9.12 build 63 & iCloud

    The folders are now showing up on the Mac using finder. Don't know why there was a delay but it appears to have resolved itself. Randy
  3. Version 9.12 build 63 & iCloud

    Thanks Bigfoot. BTW, the new iBird Hawaii is called version 9.12 build 62. That does not sound right either. Randy
  4. I downloaded the latest version today and my data migrated to iCloud. I can see it on multiple iOS devices using the iCloud Drive app. I cannot see it on the Mac. When I open iCloud Drive using finder, I see data from other apps but not iBird Ultimate or iBird Hawaii. How do I see it on the Mac? Randy
  5. Thanks Bigfoot....
  6. Will the data seamlessly migrate from Dropbox to iCloud? I have lots of favorite lists in iBird Ultimate and Waite's Birds plus a huge amount of data in iBird Journal. I also have data in iCloud from the last time. Do I need to find and delete that data before installing the new versions? Can you share what we should expect? App upgrades are automatically installed on all my iOS devices and I use all of these apps every day.
  7. Is this an April fools joke?
  8. Do You Use Tags?

  9. How do you Record your Sightings?

    I use iBird Journal.
  10. Friendly site for reporting sightings?

    Do you carry an iPhone with you?I use an app called iBird Journal to log my sittings. It runs on the iPhone. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use it.
  11. When is update coming?

    Thanks for the update. Everything looks good.
  12. Problem since 1.2 update

    Everything looks good. Thanks for the update. Randy
  13. BusySky, As a workaround you can still use BAM by setting the location using the address bar and/or dragging the location pin. Randy