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  1. Ducks

    I agree with the rest as hooded mergansers. Yes, they sure do like to dive, but a nice find. One of my favourite ducks.
  2. please help id bird

    Thank you for your replies. Yes, it is a nice "looking" bird, cute actually. Hard to believe they actually catch their prey like that. This was my "learn something new today!".
  3. please help id bird

    I am hoping some one can help with identifying this bird. It looks like it has a crossed bill. This was taken in Kelowna, BC Jan 27/17. P1230016r by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  4. gull

    I am not at all familiar with gulls. So I don't know any of these ones, but I am curious about the dark gull. This was taken in the southern okanagan Sept 14/16. P1210879 r by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  5. Crossbill??

    Is this a crossbill? If so, can you tell which one it is? This was taken in Kelowna, on March 29/16. The original was darker, so I did lighten the picture. Hope someone can help. Thank you. P1180222 (2)cr by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  6. duck id

    I was wondering if this is either a juvi hooded merganser or a bufflehead. This was taken in Kelowna, BC Mar 8/16. any information would be great. Thank you. P1170897 by cyklone 6, on Flickr P1170897 by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  7. Is this a spotted owl

    Taken june 27/15 in Balfour, BC Is this a spotted owl? I have audio, but not sure how to put it on here. Can't find any owls that have the same call, but the face looks like a spotted. Maybe it is a young owl? P1280337cr by cyklone 6, on Flickr P1280331cr by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  8. Wood Ducks?

    Looks like a Ring-necked duck to me also
  9. are these the same bird?

    this one was taken May 2015 in Kelowna, BC P1250572 by cyklone 6, on Flickr is this the same bird taken May 2009 near Rock Creek in southern BC '09 05 31 (32) by cyklone 6, on Flickr '09 05 31 (33) by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  10. Is this a swallow?

    I did forget to add taken in Kelowna, BC May 14th and the northern rough winged swallow shows to be in our area. All three would be a new siteing to me. Thank you.
  11. Is this a swallow?

    I was wondering if this is a female tree swallow or a cliff swallow P1250572 by cyklone 6, on Flickr
  12. what kind of duck

    Can someone identify this duck for me? There was a male redhead and two females swimming toghether. I can add the other female if needed. unless this is young male. not sure. P1240048r by cyklone600, on Flickr
  13. hope some one can help id these

    I took these in Kelowna, BC April 4/15 Is this a loon? P1230244 by cyklone600, on Flickr I want to guess some kind of grebe.... maybe Western? P1230215 by cyklone600, on Flickr P1230266 by cyklone600, on Flickr P1230262 by cyklone600, on Flickr hope the pictures are clear enough. Thank you for any help.
  14. young, non breeding or migrating bird?

    I am not sure if this bird is common here or migrating through southern bc. (taken 9/20/14) P1100238 by cyklone600, on Flickr the only guess I can come up with is american goldfinch but could be wrong
  15. mom and junior duck?

    Can anyone tell if this is an adult and a juvi? The one on the right looks bigger. P1100124 (2) by cyklone600, on Flickr