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  1. ID by bird call

    Do you live near water? This almost sounds like a Bald Eagle to me.
  2. Identify by sound help please...

    I agree with Spotted Towhee.
  3. Annoying Bird (I think) at night

    I agree with Katydids. They are deafening here in Tennessee right now.
  4. ???

    Is this a juvenile White-eyed Vireo?
  5. Help identify

    Could #1 be a Green Heron? #2 Common Yellowthroat
  6. small yellowish bird

    I was also thinking White-eyed Vireo.
  7. tern?

    This looks like a Caspian Tern to me.
  8. young catbird?

    I agree with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
  9. Help w/Warbler ID

    I agree with female Scarlet Tanager.
  10. Eastern Pewee

    Is this a juvenile Eastern Wood Pewee?
  11. Breed of Kingfisher?

    Is it a Common European Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)?
  12. Breed of Kingfisher?

    Where was this photo taken, please?
  13. Baby birds facing corners at night

    We have one wren who roosts on the porch on top of a rolled up blind several times a week and the pair roosts together during the winter. So cute! Carolina Wrens are smart little birds. If it rains at night, they don't get wet.
  14. What kind of bird is this?

    Is this a juvenile or leucistic Blue Jay?
  15. Field Sparrow?

    This looks like a Savannah Sparrow?