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  1. What am I?

    You are a Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted)
  2. Pine Warbler?

    Looks like an American Goldfinch to me.
  3. Which Scaup?

    This photo was taken today at Haw Ridge Park, Oak Ridge, TN. We want to double check what type of Scaup are with the female Redhead. Thanks! 696A7601 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr
  4. help to ID a brown bird

    This is a Brown Thrasher.
  5. Fox Sparrow?

    Yes! It is a Fox Sparrow. I only see my two or three when it snows.
  6. We photographed these two birds on December 3, 2017 at Longneck Lagoon, Scheyville National Park in NSW, Australia. Any ideas? 696A7071 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr 696A7073 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr
  7. Purple, House, or other

    Looks like a female House Finch to me. And yes, you do have pics of a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  8. Bad sparrow photos

    I agree with Chipping Sparrow.
  9. Lincoln's sparrow

    I agree.
  10. Sandpiper & Duck

    Solitary Sandpiper and Ruddy Duck?
  11. Meadowlark?

    Looks like an Eastern Meadowlark to me along with the Northern Mockingbird.
  12. Any idea?

    Yeah, after looking at it more closely, it does look like a song sparrow. I meant to change my top post last night, but didn't.
  13. Any idea?

    Looks like a Fox Sparrow to me.
  14. House finch in Napa, California?

    I agree with Lincoln's Sparrow.
  15. gnatcatcher or bushtit, maybe?

    Is this a Hutton's Vireo?
  16. What bird???

    I agree with American Goldfinch.
  17. Winter Wren?

    Yes, with that short, stubby tail.
  18. Louisiana Waterthrush?

    These look like Palm Warblers to me.
  19. Minnesota Warbler

    American Redstart. Poor bird.
  20. juvenile cardinal?

    Yes, juvenile cardinal and the crest looks strange.
  21. These photos were taken today on Maryville Greenway, Maryville, TN. Verify IDs please? Thanks! Blackburnian Warbler blackburnian by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr Cape May Warbler cape_may by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr Pine Warbler pine by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr Tennessee Warbler TN_Warbler by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr Magnolia Warbler Magnolia2 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr
  22. Magnolia Warbler?

    Yes, Magnolia Warbler is correct with the black and white two-tone tail.
  23. Sparrow

    Looks like a Song Sparrow to me.
  24. blackpoll?

    The photo is dark but could this be a Vireo of some sort? Philadelphia?
  25. Red Shouldered hawk

    I agree with Broad-winged Hawk.